Monday, April 20, 2015

Nails of the Week #37: Nude Colorblock

Nail art strong! Not really, but I'm really trying here and I'm pleased with the slew of semi creative manicure attempts I've had lately. This week I went for something simple, and I must say that my manicures are behind again, these are actually my nails for almost two weeks ago, but it is what it is...Anyways, back to the nails, I'm just all over the place with tangents today. One thing from this NotW experience is I'm really realizing that out of my hundred of bottles of nail polish I have my favorites that I always go for. It's proof that I can cut down my collection size, I just need to get over the fear of wanting a certain color after it's gone.

This week with the help of my handy nail tape I did a diagonal colorblock-ish look using some neutrals. The nude is one of my favorites, Essie in Sand Tropez which is a color that is definitely getting a good dent in it. This may be a color I actually finish up which has never happened before! The silver metallic is butter London in Bobby Dazzler, another old favorite and probably the best foiled nail polish I have ever worked with. A lot of metallic colors end up look streaky and it's hard to correct that but this is an easy and even one coater that has the added bonus of drying super fast. I used my handy Color Club Nail Art Duo in Black with the help of nail tape to guide a straight line in between the two colors and voila! It's sharp and simple and another manicure I want to repeat with different colors. My line work still isn't very clean, the thickness of the line varies and some of the time I clearly messed up, or I didn't pull the tape off fast enough. As a whole I think it's a great first attempt and I'm so glad I've been documenting my nail art journey here!

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