Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Etude House Broccoli Wash Off Pack

Fun fact: as a child the only vegetable I would eat was broccoli because I liked to pretend I was a dinosaur eating trees. Weird, I know, but it made my mom happy because she never had problems getting me to eat a leafy green vegetable! Today I'm bringing you a wash off pack from Etude House's Play Therapy line that features broccoli and other superfood complexes! This is the product in the line that is created for spot care which is suppose to soothe and moisturize rough reddish skin, an overall remedy for sensitive and/or troubled skin! Sensitive skin I do not, troubled? Absolutely.

With over a month of consistent testing time I am finally ready to deliver my verdict on this product! It's a special blend of Super Food Complex (including broccoli, blueberry and oats) and tea tree oil to create a product packed full of skin clearing benefits that is effective yet gentle enough for everyone to use.

This mask really is a light lavender shade! In my opinion it has a strong clay smell and has the same thick consistency of a white clay mask. Thankfully the smell doesn't linger and is virtually undetectable once it is on your skin. It is very difficult to spread on your face so I feel like I waste a lot of product just to get an even layer on my face. It's very easy to accidentally wipe off already applied layers because it just doesn't seem to want to stick onto your skin. The directions say to let it sit for 10-15 minutes but I find that sometimes it takes up to an hour to completely dry so I always just put on a TV show and let it take its time.
After washing it off I can honestly say I didn't notice much of a difference in my skin at all. It did feel a tiny bit drier but that was it. Over a prolonged time it seemed to have little to no effect on my spots and if anything I suspect it may have even broken me out a little bit.

Overall this is not a product I would recommend, it does not appear to do what it claims even with long and consistent use. I may experiment using it as a spot treatment since there was a hint of it possibly being drying but this is not something I would purchase again or recommend to anyone.

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