Friday, April 3, 2015

Review: Garnier Duo Clean Whitening + Pore Minimizer Duo Foam

Now that it has been a little more than full month since I've returned to my Asian beauty booty (check out the full haul here!) it's been a long enough time of testing out products to start writing up some reviews! Today I'm starting off with a brand that everyone knows, but a product that is region specific to Asia! This is the Garnier Duo Clean Whitening + Pore Minimizer Duo Foam. This cleanser is formulated with white rice and black rice extracts that are packed with skin renewal properties and nourishing power. It is suppose to deeply cleanse the skin, visibly reduce pore size, and help brighten up skin tone. For this 80ml tube, it cost about $3, comparable to most drugstore cleansers you can find here in the US. Black rice is said to help brighten up your skin tone and white rice nourishes skin deeply and is packed with antioxidants.

As with a lot of Asian products there is a very light floral scent to it. This is not my favorite smell as I tend to lean more towards the fruity and clean scents but since it's a face wash where the scent doesn't linger, I'm not complaining too much. There's a really cool duo tone that comes out, sometimes I get more of one color than the other as is clear with this photo where I squeezed out wayyy too much product in order to capture the duo tone, but it's there! It's a nice thick foam when you lather up which is my favorite type of foaming cleansers and afterwards it left my skin feeling squeaky clean.
Immediately following up use I don't notice any changes in my skin besides it feeling softer and smoother. There is no visible change in brightness nor apparent shrinkage in pores.
I used this everyday for month (okay I admit I may have missed a day or two) and my final verdict is that you will see results after long and (semi) consistent use. Overall my skin appears brighter with more of an even tone. It helped lighten acne scarring, however as I expected pore size did not change. I'm the first on any list that wishes for a magic solution to pore size but sadly I have yet to find one and I am aware of the science behind pores that tells me such a solution will never exist.

Overall it's a solid cleanser that delivers on one of it's claims (whitening = brightening/evening skin tone) and if it was something that was easily accessible in the US for the price I would pick it up again. It's a great step 1 cleanser that is gentle and delivers some noticeable results.

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If you have any specific requests for items I picked up in Taiwan, please leave a comment and I'll put up a review on the product!


  1. That looks so weird with both tones, at first I though it was a funky worm lol. Too bad this doesn't shrink pores as I feel like my pores just keep getting bigger.

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