Friday, April 17, 2015

Unboxing: Beauty Box 5 April 2015

Okay this should be my last Beauty Box 5. I had to email them and apparently I got two extra boxes or something like that? They say my subscription is completely done with on the 23rd, so I will be monitoring my account and bank statements carefully to make sure I am not charged again! So this $12 a month box is definitely my least favorite subscription so I won't be providing much information just a quick unboxing.

Lasting Smiles Passionfruit Mango Organic Lip Balm
You know it's bad when the item I'm most excited for is a lip balm. Since my recent lip issues (I think I have it narrowed down to an allergic reaction from a certain product), I'm testing out various balms to find one that will mesh well. This is a blend of my two favorite smells so fingers crossed that this works out!
Dancin' Goat Hula Bliss Body Lotion
When am I ever excited for body lotion? This is a pretty decent sample size but these bottle designs are usually very difficult to work with. The bottles are a little stiff so when you get to the end it's hard to squeeze everything out. Needless to say I'm not particularly jazzed about this.
Incoco Nail Polish Applique Set
I actually have another set of these I got from Birchbox years ago but the design wasn't something I was crazy about. These however are tiny little flowers and something I can get on board with. I've never tried these kinds of press on's so I'm looking forward to finally testing something like this out.
Style Essentials TwinGloss
Not something I like at all. The concept is two colors in one tube for a unique look. However my colors are brown and white...okay then.
First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser
I think I have a few of these foil packets and have yet to use a single one. I'm interested in trying this cleanser but cleansers in foil packets aren't the best design and that's why I haven't gotten around to it. Perhaps I should take all the packets and squeeze them into an empty jar and then I will use them.

Can you tell that I'm not impressed? Here's to hoping this really is the last box.

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