Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Favorites + Unfavorites!

So I am just a hot mess this month. This is going to be a slightly different Favorites not only because it is a very short list but I'm photoshopping together my products instead of taking pictures of them. My things are just spread out right now so at the time that I'm blogging this all out, I don't physically have a few of my favorites but I promise you they are things I have been using the heck out of. As for me, I haven't done much new this past month, I haven't been wearing much makeup or experimenting because my skin is pretty happy lately so if anything I've been just using a little toner and moisturizer and that's it. My lips are still on and off having its issues and my nails have started peeling again so I haven't been wearing nail polish. So pretty low key month of favorites for me and I'll tell you now that there isn't an unfavorite for me! Let's just get into my short little list.

  • Orly BB Creme. I know I thought it was crazy too when I first got this in a FabFitFun box, BB cremes are really getting taken to the extreme but I'm actually a huge fan. My nails have been peeling lately so I decided to give this a shot and there's a definite improvement from this! It helped to hold the nail together so I wouldn't absentmindedly peel at it throughout the day and my nails are feeling stronger so I can return to nail art soon, yay! I also like that it's a very light peach with a cool rubberized finish to it so I can trick myself into thinking I have nail polish on. This is a win and something that is working great for me!
  • The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Toner. So this has been my morning toner and I am so in love! First of all I love that it comes in a spray so it's super easy and refreshing to apply in the morning. I got this in a Memebox that was curated for oily skin and it is a blend with tea tree oil which is a great ingredient for doing just that plus with the built in power of fighting acne. It really does help to control oil for me throughout the day, there's a noticeable difference in days where I use it versus days where I don't and it definitely helped calm my skin when I had this angry breakout all along my chin and jawline recently. Thumbs up for this and thankfully it's a fairly popular brand so I know I can get my hands on more once I'm finished!
  • Nivea In-Shower Smooth Lotion with Shea Butter. This is just the month of subscription box finds for me! I got a sample of this stuff in my Walmart Beauty Box and I was such a fan with how soft it made my legs that I immediately bought a full size version of it! I got the Shea Butter variety that claims to smooth our dry skin. I don't know how well it did that but my legs were touch-ably smoother. Once this bottle is up I want to try the Almond Oil variation which is suppose to be ultra moisturizing and targeted towards very dry skin! It's fairly inexpensive, under $10, and pretty darn effective so good job beauty box for getting me to try something new!
  • J.R. Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve in Aloe & Green Tea. This is one of those items that is missing from my home right now because it has been taken hostage by the BF but for a man who washes his face with hand soap, you know this is a good product if he's willingly using it by himself! This has saved my dry cuticles and it smells amazing too. Added bonus it has even cured cracked and bleeding cuticles for my BF so we are both a huge fan of it. It is very oily so definitely something you put on right before bed but it sticks great to your skin and you wake up with dramatically softer cuticles.
  • eos Honeydew Lip Balm. I think I narrowed it down to a single lip balm that is the cause of my lip issues. I love the company it came from though so I'm never going to name the product, but this particular eos lip balm has saved my lips! I know previous months I have named other good products but they were still items I had to apply throughout the day non-stop. With this lip balm I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and I'm good for the whole day! My lips are slowly reverting back to their normal state and becoming less needy so I'm really glad I decided to give another eos lip balm a shot because they are clearly not created equally seeing how effective this particular flavor was!

What are some of your favorites from this month?

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