Friday, May 8, 2015

Fitness Friday!

I swear I won't turn into one of those crazy fitness people, I don't have near enough the motivation to do so, but I really have learned that this blog is great for keeping me accountable! I honestly started this blog expecting not a single person would read it and to this day I'm not quite convinced I'm talking to anyone out there at all but that's okay because this blog is for me and it's serving its purpose quite well. I'm at a point where I understand myself very well and accepted the fact that I probably won't ever join that gym ever again, nor will I pick up running ever again. It's time I made some lifestyle changes so it seems appropriate to dedicate the first Friday of every month to document this journey, so from hence forth the first Friday of every month shall be known as Fitness Friday! I wanted the cute alliteration but this day will be dedicated to all aspects of a more "fit" lifestyle so of course it includes eating habits.

Last month I attempted and kind of failed at a 30 day challenge so I've decided moving forward I will try and do a different 30 day challenge every month and eventually devise a short workout routine that I will easily be able to complete at home. If I don't need to go anywhere I think I will be more inclined to stick with something! It also helps to stay accountable since I do these challenges alongside a friend and we send daily texts to each other reminding ourselves to do the challenges. This month it is all about the planks so strengthening those abs and arms!

As for eating habits this month I am paying attention to added sugar and trying to limit the intake on that. Eventually the goal is to transition to sugar only from fruits and other natural sources but for now juices are my weakness. I'm going to try to transition away from drinking so much apple juice by vowing a 2 to 1 deal where every one cup of juice must be followed by two cups of water. I will also try diluting juice 50/50 with water in hopes that I will be able to get my sweet fix in and get an extra drink of water that normally I wouldn't be having.

These are small changes I am making this month in hopes of a healthier lifestyle and potentially a slightly more toned body. If you're interested in following along on the plank challenge I have it posted below. I'll check back here in month and let's see how I did along with the new things I'll be doing for June!

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