Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday 5 Faves

Happy May guys! Actually it's precisely the middle of the month now which seemed like the perfect time to bring you this months Friday 5 Faves. How are we loving the random timing of these posts? Really they happen for me whenever I've had an especially inspiring week of random favorites. I guess we can have a quick little life update, just to say that work has been crazy for me! I'm in the process of switching teams right now and the new stuff I'm doing is a complete 180 from what I was doing before. I'm working crazy hours now and eventually that will include some weekend hours too but I'm also learning a lot which is my daily goal in life so that's good. I'll admit I struggled a little with this blog last month I really started losing steam and almost went down to posting three days a week but in the end my determination to stick to what I promised when I first started this blog won out and I powered through it. I've slipped into a nice schedule of "Blog Mondays" though which is the day I dedicate to write all my posts for the week as well as the following Monday's post. It's working out really well for me, especially since I spread out taking pictures, editing and any Photoshopping of banners or collages throughout the week so I'm completely focused on just writing Mondays. My loose pre-planning of my editorial calendar for each month is still going strong and has also been really helpful in staying on track. Anyways, enough about that, let's get into my favorites for this week!

  • Found footage movies. Probably a year ago I went through this same phase so maybe it's something about the beginning of May that prompts this for me? Nothing beats the boredom like a found footage movie. A lot of people would disagree since they are very nausea inducing films to watch sometimes because it is purposely suppose to be shaky footage that whips around rapidly, I mean the whole premise of these movies is that they are filmed by amateur videographers, but I digress. It's interesting since a lot of the time the filming is in fact done by the actors themselves. I think it's the fact that such a simple idea can yield a decent movie is what causes me to go on a hunt for all the found footage films I can find. Luckily Netflix has an entire category dedicated to just this so I have quite a few movies to get through. I'm not saying these are any good but if you're interested some of the more off-beat movies I've watched include The Sacrament, Devil's Pass, Europa Report, Megan Is Missing, The Dinosaur Project, and The Pyramid. Some obviously more well known ones include the Paranormal Activity series, The Blair Witch Project, Earth to Echo, and Cloverfield.
  • Mixed pattern manicures. I've always seen pictures of them and other people rocking them but I didn't have the creativity to come up with my own designs. I've started experimenting on my own with simple patterns and glitter (of course) so stay tuned on Monday for my first ever mixed pattern manicure! For those of you who don't really know what I'm talking about these are manicures which each nail is a different design but they are all tied together either by color or certain patterns. If you can do it right with complimenting designs it makes for a very effortless yet interesting manicure.
  • Cheerleader by OMI. Almost every F5F has to feature my current song obsession and this time around it is actually an older song that has just recently hit the radio. I was seriously surprised to discover that this is a song from 2012 but it really is so fantastic that it still deserves a shout out. You can check it out here if you want! It has a great driving with the windows down beat and the song itself is quite adorable. It's also very fun to sing along to so if you haven't checked it out yet it's worth listening to! 
  • Maxi dresses. The weather is getting warmer and it seems like the temperature is just dropping even more in the office, so the perfect answer to all that: maxi dresses! I never wore maxi dresses until last year since before then I always thought I couldn't find the right length for my height and that there was the risk of looking pregnant in them, but last year I finally tried one on and haven't gone back since. They really are the perfect answer to staying cool yet still dressing nice for work so this year I plan on really adding to my maxi dress collection! I'm finding a lot of favorite sundresses to be a little short for my taste in terms of going to work with so it's the perfect excuse to do a little shopping.
  • Videography and editing. While blogging will always be my first love I've really started taking in interest in putting together some more videos. Since my Iceland trip last year I've tried to vlog whenever I travel which sadly isn't that often anymore but lately I've been looking around and just inspired by a lot of things. I love the idea of capturing moments and piecing them together with some music that just embodies the mood perfectly. As a special treat to those who have gotten this far I have actually been doing 5 Minute Month for May, which is basically taking a video clip each day of this month and at the end I will put it altogether for a taste of what I've done in the past month. I'll say it's been tough and I really don't lead the most interesting life, but I'm still excited to see what comes of it in a few weeks!
That's it, my current favorites and obsessions. What are some things you are loving from this week?

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