Thursday, May 21, 2015

Old Reliable: Nail Polish

Is anyone else like me where you have a million options for things but you always end up going back to the same things? Yes? No? To vague? Well today I want to talk about nail polish specifically. I have nearly 200 bottles of nail polish yet time and time again I find myself gravitating towards certain colors. Whether it is the shade or the formula of the polish, there is just something about it that keeps me coming back. If anyone ever has time go back and look at my NotW and I assure you that you will see these six polishes a lot!

Essie Bachelorette Bash. This beautiful pink is a perfect one coater that dries in no time at all. Whenever I want a manicure featuring a bright color this is always the one I pick up. It really is the perfect shade of pink that compliment so many different designs and color.

Essie Sand Tropez. A staple color for many this really is my go to nude. One days where I'm not sure what I want on my nails I always find myself picking this one up and usually adding a matte coat to it. It really looks so beautiful and chic and just works well with my skin tone. It isn't the best formula, it's a little streaky and dries slowly but I suffer through all the issues because I know it is just such a fabulous color for me.
butter London Bobby Dazzler. I never thought I would love a silver so much but this one is also a perfect one coater and unlike a lot of metallic colors out there it does not streak! It's the perfect accent color to use in patterns and as an accent nail so it is also featured a lot in my nail art.

butter London Toff. This lovely mauve-y purple is the color I go to when I want color on my nails but nothing too loud. It works well for any season and just about any outfit so it is one of those really reliable colors I can always fall back onto.
OPI Got The Blues For Red. I own many different red nail polishes but this is really the OG of reds for me. It was my very first OPI and probably what started the nail polish addiction. It really is a great color with a fairly chip resistant formulation in my experience.

Orly Rage. This one almost didn't make the cut but this is really my favorite rose gold polish. This is not featured in as many manicures simply because it doesn't usually compliment the color scheme that I'm going for, but this color is often featured on my toe as something neutral but still pops.

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