Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack

It's taking me quite awhile to get up all these reviews for all the Asian beauty goodies that I picked up back in February, but I really wanted a chance to thoroughly test things out before giving my honest impression on them, so I get a little slack for that right? Today I have for you the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack! The Moistfull collection as a whole is one of Etude House's most popular skincare line and it comes in three ranges: Collagen, Aloe, and White. I picked up the Sleeping Pack in the Collagen line since that is the line targeted towards firmer skin with better moisture retention and overall would leave your skin deeply hydrated. While I have oily skin, the best defense to youthful skin is always adding more moisture into it. The Collagen line is definitely targeted more towards dry and mature skin, but that is specifically the reason why I picked up the sleeping pack because I knew it would deliver the biggest punch of moisture to my skin.

A sleeping pack is basically a very intense moisturizer that you apply on as the last step of your skincare and leave it on overnight where it creates a moisture barrier on your skin and deeply hydrates your skin. You need to rinse it off in the morning to reveal radiantly soft and hydrated skin. This pack in particular claims to create a protective barrier on the skin, lock in vital moisture, and give you youthful and bouncy skin.

First impression it is a nice watery looking cream that smells strongly, but pleasantly, of fruit with a hint of floral. It isn't a scent that lingers so it wasn't irritating to me. Now don't let the watery consistency concern you, once you scoop the cream out and start spreading it on your face you can tell it's very thick. I've used a number of different sleeping packs before and this is the only one where I felt like it never fully dried and left a slight film on my face. This isn't a bad thing though since it is colorless so there is no fear of staining your pillow cases, and the film stays put all night so it really does feel like you have a mask on.
It never fully dries on your face, it remains slightly sticky on your skin but don't be alarmed, this is how a sleeping pack should be! Just think about it like lipgloss, the stickier the gloss the better the color stays, so applying that same logic to sleeping masks this is a great one that sticks firm to your face all night long.

Once I wash this off in the morning my skin feels ridiculously soft and elastic. It really does a great job delivering deep moisture to my face all night long and visually you can see the difference in the plumpness of my skin on days I use it versus days that I do not. It's about $13 for a generously sized tub so if you can get your hands on this stuff I highly recommend it!

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