Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask

A few months ago I picked up quite a few things from Sibu Beauty because it's always been a brand that I've heard about and I was interested in trying some things out. These products got lost in my stash for awhile and probably about a month ago have resurfaced and I decided it was high time I tried them out. Today I have for you a quick review on the Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask and I'm looking forward to doing a few more reviews on the other products I have!

So some background information first on this brand and item. Sibu Beauty is an all natural skincare line that sources the sea buckthorn berry from local harvesters in Tibet. The berry itself is self-fortified with over 190 bioactive compounds that protects itself from the harsh environmental conditions where it grow. Basically this is one tough berry with a potent blend of ingredients that your skin will love. The magic ingredient in this berry is the omega 7 fatty acid which is a powerful ingredient to really help reveal youthful radiance.

A fairly standard paste comes out of this tube and it has a faint scent of something citrus and what smelled like tea to me. It was a pleasant smell, not overwhelming, and quite soothing. Applying a thin layer to my face you will feel that it is a little gritty and that is where the exfoliating magic comes from. There is a very mild stinging sensation that goes away after about a minute or so. After about 15-20 minutes the mask will dry on your face and you are to follow up with rinsing it off with warm water in circular motions. My first reaction to this is that it left my face feeling slippery smooth and soft. On a closer inspection in the mirror I found that it did a great job cleaning out pores and left my face feeling very fresh.This mask did a great job unclogging pores and stripping out impurities but still left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It did not irritate my skin or leave any redness despite the slight tingles I felt upon application.

I recommend this mask as a great once a week purifying mask. It really helps to draw out the toxins and give your face that deep clean without irritating your skin. It does a good job at exfoliating your skin and sloughing off dead skin cells evenly so if you haven't tried this mask out yet you should go get yourself a tube!

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