Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: theBalm Brazil Nut Eye Perfection Gel

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you will know that I am obsessed with theBalm's skincare line. Much to my surprise I found one more product lurking in the depths of my drawers that I haven't opened yet! Naturally I busted it open immediately and now after a month of daily use I am ready to deliver a review! This is the Brazil Nut Eye Perfection Gel which retails for a whopping $32! Okay not so surprising, eye gels and creams do tend to retail for much higher but a little dab is all you need for these kinds of products!

What drew me to this particular product is that it is an eye gel so immediately I thought it would be perfect for daytime use. So far I've been using roller ball types of things for my eyes in the morning because I wanted something light for my oily skin. I've had great success with gel moisturizers during the day so I thought a gel eye cream would be the perfect solution to getting a little more hydration but still keep things light and fresh.

This eye perfection gel claims to hydrate and smooth the areas around your eyes while helping to fill in fine lines, it is powered by hydrolyzed elastin, collagen, humectants, and of course brazil nut! Brazil nuts help protect the skin from the aging effects of ultraviolet rays and can help play a role in keeping the top layers of skin watertight to lock in moisture down below. Overall a powerful ingredient making it an ideal candidate in a morning skincare routine. The eye gel comes packaged in theBalm's signature frosted bottle with a bright label and features a pump top to easily dispense out product.
The product itself is a colorless gel that feels very lightweight with a very mild scent that is a mix between tea and herbs, much like all TimeBalm items. The scent isn't strong, quite pleasant actually, and it doesn't linger once you apply it to your skin. Now for results! While I don't have noticeable dark circles I can't vouch for how well it works on treating those but I do notice that immediately it helps to de-puff my eyes in my morning. For long term effects I have noticed the skin is a lot smoother in that area and it is noticeably more hydrated both in appearance and the elasticity of the skin. My one complaint with this product is that it is not as light on my face as I would like a gel product to be. It definitely still feels greasy when I apply it and it leaves a sheen on my skin until it fully dries which takes roughly an hour for that to happen. However I would still recommend this product purely based off the amazing results that I saw in just one month! For this price it sits comfortably in the mid-range of products but I would say it delivers results you would expect from a $100+ cream. This would be especially great for those with dry skin because it is very hydrating and the slight greasiness I experienced probably won't be an issue at all.

I actually snagged my bottle when it was on HauteLook so it was actually half the price, so for $16 I would definitely buy a whole bunch of these!

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