Thursday, May 14, 2015

Step-By-Step Skincare

If you've caught my previous skincare routine posts (such as here) you will notice that I have many steps. It seems a little ridiculous, so I'm almost embarrassed to admit that my skincare routine has managed to grow since I've last shared it....I'm still doing a little bit of tweaking so I'm not quite ready to share them again yet but stay tuned! Until that post I thought I could tide everyone over with a quick guide to a few steps of my skincare routine with a explanation of why I use such a product. When your routine is 10+ products it takes quite a long time just to describe each product and why I love it, there doesn't really need to be another paragraph about the use of the products, so that is what I'm bringing you today! I'm going to discuss six specific steps because they are the bare minimum must do steps and may be a little confusing for some people about why they are so important, so let's dive in.

  • Toner. This is the first thing that goes on after washing my face. No matter how gentle your cleanser is, the process of washing your face strips it of all natural oils. Toner are important for balancing out the pH of your face and returning some of the good stuff that your face wash had stripped off. Toners also remove all remaining traces of makeup and residue and just really preps your face so it is ready to receive other products.
  • Serum. Following a toner I always go with a serum. Serums are of a gel-like consistency and it is super concentrated with nutrients and other skin loving ingredients that are able to really soak in and penetrate deep down. This really is the reparative step in skincare so it's important to not skip out on a serum if you want some long lasting benefits.
  • Moisturizer. This one is a no brainer, it exists, as the name implies, to deliver moisture back into your skin. Like I mentioned before, washing your face strips away a lot of the good natural oils in your skin so it is important to layer on a moisturizer to help balance out the hydration level of your skin.
  • Eye Cream. I debated putting this in here since it's pretty obvious what it does, but a lot of people wrongly believe that eye cream is only for when you have wrinkles and that is wrong. Eye creams are great for preventing wrinkles and crows feet so start young with a nice thick and moisturizing eye cream to keep the sensitive skin around your eyes soft and supple.
  • Facial Mist. This is a fairly new step in my routine but it's something I will never skip out on every again. There is nothing more refreshing then spritzing on a facial mist at the end of your skincare routine. No matter how gentle you are patting on the products at the end of the day you are still rubbing your face around a lot. Any type of mist with cooling ingredients such as witch hazel, cucumber, or tea is great for this step just to calm and soothe your skin down. Plus the smells are also very relaxing so it's a great thing to do when winding down for the night!
  • Benzoyl Peroxide. I have a secret to share and that is benzoyl peroxide is not only a killer blemish fighter, but it also helps to clear our clogged pores and reduce the chance of future acne! That being said it's my special defense against my horrible breakout prone skin because every night I spread a thin layer of this stuff where I am most prone to acne: cheeks, jawline, and weirdly enough, around my brows.
What are some strange steps in your skincare?

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