Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List

I made one of these guys last year and I was sad to report that I missed out on most of them. Last year was just a weird year for me, a lot happened due to several uncertainties and therefore I wasn't able to accomplish nearly as many things as I would like. This year I am in a much better place in my life so why not try and put together a bucket list again!

  • 5 Minute Months. I'm kind of regretting sticking this one on but here's to hoping that summer will be more interesting! Basically "5 Minute Months" are videos where it's a compilation of video clips from every single day of the month. From trivial things to exciting events it's a good way to capture the taste of daily life without resulting to daily vlogging. I've been trying and semi-succeeding at doing 5MM for May so I want to make it a goal to continue this project through the summer!
  • Leave the state. I'm setting very low standards for myself this time so I can actually cross off my entire bucket list! I know my work schedule will not allow for a full on vacation in a foreign country so just setting the goal of leaving the state is something completely achievable.
  • Go camping. Besides going to summer camp a few summers I don't think I can ever say that I have gone camping before! And even at summer camp we had platform tents and cots so I don't think that counts at all. The most basic pastime ever, so this summer I would love to go camping sometime! It's been a longtime goal to see the Milky Way so a weekend in the woods would definitely increase my chance of that happening.
  • Tide pooling. I feel like every summer this makes the list and seeing as I live in California and within an hour or so of beaches this really shouldn't be an issue right? Let's try one more year to make it to some tide pools! I just love hopping around the rocks and looking at the sea life teaming in these shallow pools.
  • Learn how to drive a manual car. This is a tough one since it can be argued that I barely have a command of my automatic car, but this is still a skill that I would love to learn!
  • Eliminate 50% of my nail polish collection. This hurts me to even write this but ever since I've been doing my NotW post I see a definite preference in nail polishes that I gravitate towards so there really is no need for me to have so many colors! The goal is to downsize from two racks to just one. This is probably the only item I'm seriously concerned about failing since I just see myself being unable to part with any polish when I actually try to do it!
  • Major closet clean out. I'm actually pretty good about keeping a minimal wardrobe but while the hanging space is neatly organized, there is a lot of stuff on the ground and shelves of my closet that stress me out. This summer I want to pull everything out of my closet and claim back the empty space. Right now I also do some silly things such as hanging up tank tops and other basics because by doing so it is easier to grab them in the morning but it really isn't that space efficient. I need an overall clean up and re-organizing so that will be a fun project to tackle.
  • Paint the walls yellow. I don't know how doable this will be but I've been saying for over a year now I want to paint my bedroom yellow, so I'm sticking it on the list and let's see if it happens!
  • Finalize my skincare routines. I'm so close to this one, it's probably just one or two products in each lineup that I'm not happy with. I've been spending too much time testing products and just trying to work through my stash instead of concentrating on finding out what my skin likes. I'm setting a deadline for myself that by September my morning and night skincare routines will be finalized so stay tuned for the update at the end of summer!

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