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Top 5 Brands: Designer

Yesterday I posted about my favorite drugstore brands so naturally today I'm going to talk about the designer brands! I am a drugstore girl at heart but there are just a few brands that I find really excel at a few products and I truly believe it is worth kicking in the extra money for it! Most of the time you are really paying for the packaging and the prestige of the name but there are some standout products out there that really do work out better than drugstore counterparts so I am here to share my top 5 favorite designer brands for makeup and/or skincare, in no particular order of course.

Why I Love It: When I first started getting into high end brands, Benefit was my go to. My very first Benefit purchase was the Hervana blush and to this day it is one of my most favorite blushes. I absolutely adore the packaging and design of these products however where they excel in makeup, they definitely aren't the same caliber when it comes to skincare. Everything I've tried from their skincare as well as reviews that I have read do not compare to the quality of their makeup so my advice is to skip on that and stock up on their blushes instead! It's quite pricey with one boxed blush hitting close to $30 but it's totally worth it since they last forever! A good tip with Benefit products is to spend your money on your sets because those things have great value and the "mini" version of the products are huge and will last you a long time at a fraction of the price.
Some Favorites
They're Real Mascara, the best ever mascara I've found for length and definition by far. They really do look like falsies, I love the brush design with the spiky ball tip to really fan out my lashes.
Rockateur Blush, the OG of rose gold blushes for me, and while the scent isn't for everyone I love the light floral girly smell of the boxed blushes. This color perfectly compliments my skin in the summer for a subtle yet gorgeous glow.
Big Easy BB Cream, this liquid to powder BB cream is my favorite in the summertime when I want something light on face with SPF. It never feels greasy and is also great at controlling the shine for me and is virtually sweat proof.

Why I Love It: I go on and on about this brand all the time and in fact I have another haul of this stuff coming up soon so I won't spend too much time on this. First of all the packaging is to die for, I love the comic book theme for a lot of things an then otherwise it is a lot of pin-up vibe things. I've used so many of theBalm's products at this point and what I really need to say about them is that they excel at both makeup AND skincare. Now I'm not saying everything of their's is 100% amazing, there are a few hits and misses but it is a brand that has really good products in both categories which isn't normal because usually brands that have both are clearly better at one over the other. Also for my favorite products, that could go on for awhile so I picked just the top favorites of mine.
Some Favorites
Kiwi Facial Scrub, my favorite scrub of all time and when combined with a Konjac sponge it is just dynamite. You can check out my full review here where I really break it down and rave about it.
Boy Blushes, I'm cheating a little here but I couldn't help it! I own almost every single one of their blushes but I thought it was worth pointing out the "Boy" line of blushes because they are just perfection and the three colors you ever truly need. There's a peach (Frat Boy), a pink (Down Boy), and a berry (Cabana Boy), with those three colors you can conquer anything. These colors are pigmented, super blendable, and long lasting so to say I'm in love is a gross understatement.
Brow Pow, this one is my favorite brow powder because once you put it on it is on for good. It's very easy to work with and there's minimal fall out which is good news for someone like me who has a very shaky hand. The only drawback is the lack of color choices so I'm lucky that I have a perfect match in the limited selection.
Strawberry Serum, this stuff is life changing, it's the perfect amount of absorbency and moisture while still feeling light on my face. I'll confess sometimes in the morning I just do toner and this serum because it is enough to nourish my face and brighten it up without the addition of a moisturizer that can sometimes make my face oily.
Vanilla Oil Absorbing Moisturizer, relating to that serum above, if I have the need for an extra moisturizer this stuff would be it. It truly does help to balance out oil on my face and I find that days where I use this moisturizer the oil can be convinced to not make an appearance until later in the day.

Why I Love It: Honestly this is a brand that I haven't played around with a lot but there are just two products in particular that are so phenomenal in my opinion it had to make it onto the list anyways. If nothing else resonates with you in this post you MUST try out the two items I talk about below!
Some Favorites
Stay All Day Liquid Liner, I have tried dozens of liquid eyeliners and I just keep coming back to this one. No other liner out there has a point that is easier to work with, nor deliver a jet black line down to the last drop. Super easy to draw with and quick drying, it truly does stay all day just as it claims.
Liquid Lipstick, I have a tendency to practically chew off any sort of lip product I have on so a staining product is absolutely necessary for me. When they say liquid lipstick they are serious about it packing some intense color and once it is on good luck getting it off for anything!

Why I Love It: This was a tough one because when I thought eye shadows I thought Lorac but then I remembered the Urban Decay has not only eye shadows but other solid products in their arsenal. This brand excels at putting together palettes that just make sense as well as having a wide range of colors an finishes for just about every eye product out there.
Some Favorites
De-Slick Spray, first thing that I have to mention is their oil controlling makeup spray because guess works! I don't wear a full face of makeup often so normally I skip out on the setting sprays but when I do this guy sure is handy to ensure that all my makeup stays where it's suppose to.
Naked Palettes, while I only own Naked 3 I've gotten to try all of the Naked palettes before so they are worth a shout out. The curation of the palettes really pulled together the neutrals in a way that just makes sense and each palette caters to a specific temperature of color so you can find your perfect nude palette just out of those!
Naked Skin Beauty Balm, what is so wonderful about this beauty balm is the fact that it blurs imperfections rather than covering them up completely. So what does that mean? Basically it smooths out your skin just enough to make it glow but really naturally since it doesn't have the fake air brushed effect that most face makeup creates. This is my go to product when I want to just sort of even out my skin but not cover up completely.

Why I Love It: Let me just start with just how gorgeously luxurious the packaging is for it and then remind myself that the outrageous prices I pay are primarily for that. Everything is black, slim, and chic and just so travel friendly! I'm definitely dying to try more products from NARS but until then, the two types of products I have tried are just so phenomenal that this just had to make the list. Next on my list of things to try is definitely a foundation!
Some Favorites
Blushes, NARS blushes are some of the most iconic colors of all time and for good reason. A wide range of color that will compliment any skintone, this is probably what the brand is most well known for since the blushes are just such high quality in both pigmentation and overall durability.
Creamy Radiant Concealer, if you want a budge proof, full coverage concealer that basically just looks like your skin, this is what you need to get. It truly is creamy and radiant like the name implies and really worth the investment because it sticks to even my ultra oily skin all day long.

What are some of your favorite highend/designer brands?

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