Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top 5 Brands: Drugstore

I want to say at this point it's been a good 2-3 years now where I can say that I've really played around with a lot of makeup/skincare and kind of know what I'm doing. At the very least I am very familiar with my own skin type and preferences now so there are definitely certain brands and products that I tend to gravitate towards. I'm a strong believer in drugstore products so the brands on this list probably shouldn't come as a surprise but it's always nice to have everything in once place. So here, in no particular order, are my top 5 favorite drugstore brands for makeup and/or skincare, the why, as well as some standout products!

Why I Love It: What started as just a shampoo and conditioner line for me has exploded its way into my skincare as well as makeup. I haven't found anything else in which each product smells so consistently good, that is if you're into fruity smells like me. My skin and hair responds very well to everything I have tried from this brand and quite a few of my staples are from Garnier. Some of the skincare is on the pricier side for drugstore hovering near $30, but then there are other gems like the superb $5 dry shampoo that just balances it all out.
Some Favorites
Garnier Cleansing Oil, I won't use anything else to take off my makeup now, this stuff gets rid of everything so there is no need to fear raccoon eyes in the morning
Garnier Dry Shampoo, my favorite dry shampoo of all time is a $20 canister so imagine my delight that I can achieve the same effect of clean yet soft hair for just $5! Also the delicious fruity smell helps!
Garnier Gel Moisture Cream, my first gel cream I've used and what I ultimately discovered is the best form of moisturizer for me during the daytime
Garnier Dark Spot Corrector, this stuff is pricey but truly helped diminish even the darkest acne scarring for me.
Garnier BB Cream, thick and nearly full coverage with the added benefit of keeping me matte all day while having SPF
Garnier Hydra Recharge Shampoo & Conditioner, I've had hits and misses with their shampoos but this one in particular really gets my hair feeling squeaky clean and soft

Why I Love It: A drugstore brand which aims to have simple ingredient lists. It's pretty clear why this is a favorite of mine. It's an affordable brand with some great products targeted towards sensitive skin so it is a line that everyone can benefit from.
Some Favorites
Simple Gel Moisturizer, gel moisturizers really need to be a widespread phenomenon because they are truly the oily skin girl's best friend. Why I love this one is because it comes in a very sanitary pump style bottle and a little really goes a long way.
Simple Eye Roller, if you can find these eye rollers stock up! This is what introduced me to taking care of my eye area and is the best thing to use in the morning. It is very refreshing and brightens and de-puffs your eyes immediately.

Why I Love It: If I were forced to pick just one drugstore brand for makeup this would be it. I have a favorite for almost every category from this brand including the ONLY foundation that matches my skin and doesn't break me out! Maybelline is known worldwide and really is a solid brand in my opinion when it comes to variety and quality for the price.
Some Favorites:
Fit Me Foundation, this is it, the foundation, where there is a color that really does "fit me"! It's worth it to mention that I'm also a HUGE fan of the pressed powder which has actually replaced my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte, that's a big deal.
Color Whisper, when I first got into lippies I went on a huge Color Whisper phase and bought about half the collection. I'll tell you I still go back to them now because while it is just a "whisper" of color it is still obvious you are wearing it but it's a mirror free application and moisturizing on your lips.
The Falsies Mascara, this mascara carried me through college because for a drugstore price it did a pretty bang up job of volumizing and lengthening my lashes. Before I discovered the magic of layering mascara this was my go to lash buddy and to this day it is a solid fall back I'm always willing to use.
Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil, without a doubt this is my favorite drugstore brow pencil due to design and how it gives me a softer brow look. Some people will disagree with me but the design of how you are unable to retract the pencil is actually a plus because there is no risk of the pencil twisting on you while you fill in your brows and tugging out hairs.

Why I Love It: I talk about this brand so much that it would be strange to not have it on the list. While it is primarily a brand of affordable face masks there is also products that address skincare needs, but it really makes the list just for the masks alone. A huge tube of product costs roughly $3 and every single one I've tried has delivered magnificently on its promises.
Some Favorites:
Mint Julep Masque, this is the holy grail of masks for breakouts! Sometimes I even use it as an overnight spot treatment which it excels at too. The added bonus of the cooling mint effect makes it also a great mask to us after you've been cooking out in the sun too long because it feels very nice and soothing on your skin.
Avocado and Grapefruit Mask, this one will tingle and burn slightly, but the end result is slippery soft skin that glows. This mask exfoliates and brightens just like it promises to, the only drawback is that it's a little runny so prepare for a mess when you go to squeeze some out.
Grape Seed Peel Off Mask, peel off masks are my favorite kinds to do when I don't want to deal with the mess of a wash off mask. This one smells like jelly beans and works great to soften any lines on your face while peeling out gunk from you pores.

Why I Love It: This is more on the "higher end" of drugstore brands, I mean a blush is almost 9 bucks here, but the quality of the products is comparable to more expensive designer brands. Milani really excels at creating products for specific needs and items that not many other drugstore brands offer making it one worth looking at if you are looking for more specialized products.
Some Favorites:
Clear Brow Gel, I've left the train for define a lash for this guy because it really is the only clear brow gel that I can easily find in drugstores. This is specifically made for brows which is proven by the smaller cone shape of the brush that is perfectly designed for eyebrows. It works great at taming wayward brow hairs while also extending the life of your drawn in brows against all elements, rain, sweat and oil.
Baked Blush, if you want designer quality blushes look no further. These baked blushes are ridiculously pigmented and long lasting and come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

What are some of your favorite drugstore brands?

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