Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5 Best Skincare Secrets!

My love of makeup has slowly turned into a love of skincare. It's been pretty clear with the progression of using less and less products and then splurging more on skincare hauls. Today I am here to formally announce that my love of skincare officially beats out my love of makeup. My makeup drawers are slowly getting taken over by skincare, in fact my drawer of palettes which previously had each palette spread out and on display, they are all stacked now at the back of the drawer to make room for all my sheet masks! The addiction is real. With that being said, my adventure into exploring skincare has yielded some favorite tools and items that I thought deserved a small shout out so here I am with my top 5 skincare "secrets" to achieve glowing, smooth, and clear skin!

Konjac sponge. Most people would put a Clarisonic or some sort of facial brush on this list but I don't have one and I find that konjac sponge does quite a good job for a fraction of the price! One sponge will set you back around $10 or less and can last up to three months depending on how you care for it. These sponges are made from the roots of the konjac sponge and you can buy sponges that are infused with other skin loving ingredients. Personally I use a charcoal one because it deliver deeper exfoliation as well as helps draw out toxins that are deep in your skin. You just simply wet it and use it to massage in your favorite cleanser and it is a gentle exfoliator that you can use on a daily basis. My pores receive a deep clean and my skin feels softer and smoother after I use it so this is definitely a budget friendly secret to glowing skin!

Pore strips. I feel like these don't get nearly the attention they deserve. A lot of people claim they don't do much but honestly the proof really is in the strip. I've definitely discovered that not all strips are created equal so your best bet is to try out a range of brands to find out what works for you! There really is nothing more satisfying than ripping one of these bad boys off and being able to actually see all the dirty gunk that they yank out of your pores. Before putting it on wet your nose with warm water to soften up your skin and let the strip stick more snugly to your nose and follow up with a gentle cleanser to remove any residue left behind and a nice oil free moisturizer to soothe your skin but not clog up your pores again.

Humidifier. The real secret to hydrated and plump skin with minimal effort is a warm mist humidifier! This is probably the easiest thing ever because all you got to do is switch it on during the night and just sleep! A humidifier adds moisture to the air which your skin will just thrive in especially when it goes into repair mode as you sleep. You can score a really cheap humidifier from your local Target or drugstore that will do the job just fine. My first one cost about $20 and lasted me two years without any problems. It's actually still fine but I've temporarily stopped using it until I can figure out how to clean it thoroughly.

Sheet masks. The ultimate lazy girl's best friend to good skin. What is better than a sheet you simply pop onto your face while you indulge in some Netflix that delivers a concentrated punch of nutrients and good stuff to your skin? Nothing really, there is no good excuse for not using sheet masks! These sheets are soaked in potent serums and the mask itself helps ensure that your skin is soaking it all in. I try and do a sheet mask every night before bed and my skin just loves the extra love and attention that really requires little extra effort from me! I'm partial to formulas that are hydrating or brightening, but there really is a sheet mask for everything out there.

Chemical peels. At home chemical peels sound really scary but seriously if you are careful and do them right you can get some amazing results! A chemical peel is simply a type of exfoliator but compared to a manual one, this really gets deep down to slough off all the dead skin and yucky stuff in your pores. I love doing these and after each session I love that I see instant results in softer and smoother skin. Read all directions and warnings on these things carefully though because you run the risk of seriously damaging your skin if you do it wrong, so proceed with caution but just know that the results are worth it!

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