Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beautyland Haul!

I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse but here is how this story goes. I went to the mall the other day to get some grilled cheese and as I was driving out I noticed that the dream houses were up for display. The mall I was at every year has an event where some very nice people and companies come together to create these amazing dream houses for children, like miniature mansions basically, and they are on display and then auctioned off for charity. So I parked my car and decided to walk around the mall and look at these playhouses. As I was strolling around the mall I got close to the beauty store there and that's when I remembered that they were actually going out of business so naturally I decided to pop in for a look and ended up walking out with quite a few goodies. Now this store mostly sells hair products, but I still found some things I'm excited to try out so I'm going to do a little haul here. Everything was 50% off and hair care was buy five get one free! There were some amazing deals and brands that I just couldn't pass up!

Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo. I hear about this brand a lot and it's one that my sister raves about so naturally I decided to pick up some of this dry shampoo. Since I'm on a strict two days a week wash schedule I go through a lot of dry shampoo to keep it fresh so I'm always on the hunt for different ones to test out. I think it's about time I do some dry shampoo reviews since I have very specific requirements when it comes to dry shampoo and I'm finding a lot of people are on the hunt for the same kind of results I am!
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (Aerosol-Free). My absolute favorite dry shampoo and I found it in an aerosol-free container! It's pretty neat, it's a powder in a squeezy tube that you shake up and give it some squeezes that will release the powder in a puff. I don't think I've tried a dry shampoo like this before. I mean I've tried the powder kind where you tap it out of a bottle but not one where you squeeze it out like that so I'm interested to see how I like it and whether it performs as well as the aerosol version.
Seche Restore. Surprisingly hard for me to find is nail polish restore drops so when I saw this there I immediately snatched up two bottles! These are magical drops that releases all kinds of science when you drop some into old or thick nail polish and it thins the polish out and basically transforms the nail polish into new. This is also handy since Seche Vite tends to thicken up about halfway through the bottle and I'm approaching that point with my bottle. I also want to try this on some colors that I've always found kind of thick and hard to work with and see if it will help it out!
Twist Ties. This was a fun last minute grab from a basket at the cash register. I love these types of hair elastics because they are secure and doesn't rip out my hair. I thought these patterns were fun so I grabbed a bag of them to use. If anything they are a great conversation starter and fun decorative piece for your wrist!
Biolage HydraSource Aloe Conditioner. Giant tub of Biolage conditioner for about 12 bucks? Sign me up. Formulated with aloe I figured my hair would enjoy this and the price couldn't be beat.
Mop Basil Mint Clean Shampoo. I bought this more for the packaging then anything else but a nice sniff of it and I knew it had to come home with me. Delicious mint, basil, and rosemary this is going to be a great clarifying shampoo to try out since I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one.
Essie Worth The Wait. A nice light coral pink, I'm still on the hunt for some nice nudes and neutrals and this color was too pretty to pass up. This color was from this year's Bridal collection and the deal was 6 Essie or OPI polishes for $25 so I just had to do it!
OPI Petal Soft. This is from the Soft Shades collection this year and I remember seeing swatches of this and thinking it was the most gorgeous topper ever and I had to have it...yet I couldn't justify actually buying it. It's a very sheer light pink base filled with white flakes and white flower cutout shapes. This is going to look gorgeous over sheer and nude polishes and I can't wait to use it!
Essie Nude Beach. A glimmering sheer pink nail polish this is one that will pair great with Petal Soft and one of the reasons why I picked it up. Also it's high time I've started appreciating sheer polishes and I have a serious lack of them in my collection.
Essie Private Weekend. It's hard to tell in the picture but this is actually a shimmery white nail polish. It's crisp and bright. I've always had a love for white nail polishes but I'm horrible at applying them nor did I ever have a good white polish to work with so I picked this one up that is new from this summer's collection to start practicing!
Essie All Eyes On Nudes. From their cashmere matte nail polish, yet another nude! I just love nude nail polishes and I was interested to try something from this collection. Another one that will be great with Petal Soft!
Essie Chinchilly. I actually have a mini of this polish and it's one of my all time favorites so it seemed reasonable to round off my six polishes with this one so I can have a full size! It's the perfect smoky purple grey and it really looks great year round.

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