Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Current Favorite YouTube Channels

Every once in awhile I like to pop on a do one of these YouTube rambles. Honestly if it weren't for YouTube this blog may have never happened! I started watching YouTube videos the summer I moved home from college and I became obsessed. I didn't have the time or camera-ness to start a channel of my own so it made sense to create a blog for myself. To this day I still love watching YouTube and watch just as much, if not more, than regular TV. So here are some channels I've been loving lately that I highly recommend everyone checks out!

  • Ellie + Jared. They just had their baby! Probably one of my favorite couples on YouTube ever, their vlogs are fun to watch and they have a story so full of love. They struggled with fertility with help had their first son and then were surprised that they managed to get pregnant on their own shortly after. It was rocky for them at the beginning of the second pregnancy because the doctor fully expected that they would miscarry but now Calvin Scott is here and I'm so excited to watch both of their boys grow up. Go love and support them!
  • LaurDIY. I'm a little behind on this one but she's fun, a college graduate, and Canadian! Okay none of those things really matter but Laur has some pretty great DIYs and some fun vlogs to watch. I hope she sticks with her weekly vlogs because I enjoy watching her and I'm a huge fan of her taste and style.
  • Alisha Marie. So I linked her vlog channel but she has a main channel to that showcases some pretty amazing video editing skills. I like watching her vlogs though, she's a different vlogger in that she doesn't just complain about how boring her vlogs on because she was filming all day but instead she sets up her camera to the side and inserts clips of herself filming! It gives a different perspective on the filming process and it's fun to see the bloopers and just how silly it is doing voice overs and the other B roll clips that go into a video.
  • It's Judy's Life. Pretty sure I feature Judy in my last list and possibly every other list that I have made. This family is just a joy to watch and this girl really knows what to do when it come to makeup. I really love and appreciate all the delicious food in the vlogs too, I think that's my favorite thing to see in videos, what people eat.
  • Ingrid Nilsen:The Grid Monster. She has completely revamped her vlog channel and I love the way it has gone. It has turned into a beautifully wonderful lifestyle channel and other sit down and chat topics. It also is the home of her 5 Minute Months which is something that I was inspired to try myself. She's one of the first and oldest YouTubers out there and I just love how grounded and true to herself she has stayed. Not everyone agrees with that but that's how I feel about her and I'm sticking to it!

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