Friday, June 5, 2015

Fitness Friday!

Another month another fitness Friday! How am I about sticking to fitness? Horrible, and now I will be able to document it all on a monthly basis! So the plank challenge I attempted last month came to an abrupt halt about half way through the month. A combination of weekend trips and other obligations caused me to skip a few days which eventually just turned into just forget about it. To be fair I have very weak upper arm strength and the challenge I was following escalated the lengths too rapidly to the point where I was really struggling. I didn't feel like it was a slow enough build up for me and I honestly just couldn't handle it.

For this month instead of doing a daily challenge since it's already a week into the month and I've just completely forgotten to do start one. Instead I'm making it a goal to just getting moving more. Baby steps but I'm increasing my daily step goal to 5,500. I know it's not too much more but I have a job where I'm pretty much stuck to my desk all day with limited chances for breaks so I'll admit I have struggled with getting to even 5,000 steps some days. I'm also going to try going for more walks and hikes during the weekends because I find myself to be fairly inactive on the weekends for some reason.

As for my eating habits, I've focused on smaller portions of everything because I'm one of those people who will continue eating despite feeling full just to keep tasting the food. I know it sounds like a sick disease and it probably is, but I love the taste of food! I've used smaller plates in order to achieve that because it helps fool myself into thinking I'm eating the same amount since the plate still looks full.

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