Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday 5 Faves

This is the biggest surprise ever, I do NOT have a new song favorite to share this month! I'm very much still obsessed with Cheerleader which I talked about last month so it felt silly to list the same song. I actually have quite a few TV show favorites but I decided to just pick one to share because otherwise that could go on for while. Maybe I'll do a separate post about TV shows sometime soon because I really love talking about the things I'm watching! I think I enjoy watching TV a little more than is healthy but it's nice to put a show on as background noise as I work or blog and it's also what I like to do to unwind at night and help me sleep so I fool myself into thinking that makes it okay! Anyways for F5F this month I have a TV show like I mentioned, some random things I'm loving, and then a very surprising one at the end, so check it out!

Wayward Pines. I am admittedly hooked on this creepy yet satisfying TV series that features a lead actor who reminds me of Frankenstein and some questions that rival the ones that LOST brought up! So the premise of this show is a man gets in a car accident and wakes up in a hospital in a mysterious town that seems almost cult-like. He encounters people who have inexplicably aged 10 years even though he's seen them just five weeks prior and all sorts of crazy things. I'm intrigued by the mystery of it all and this series is based off a trilogy called the Pines that I'm tempted to pick up but I don't want any spoilers for myself!
Santa Cruz Lemonade. This is the beverage of the month in the snack kitchens at work so this has sparked a dangerous addiction. I've always loved Santa Cruz brand lemonade (special shout out to the delicious strawberry lemonade version!) but I stopped frequenting the grocery store that carries it and frankly have forgotten about it. Enter June and walking to the kitchen one day for some water and seeing these
New kicks! I'm mildly obsessed with these new TOMs that I just bought. I'm a huge fan of their mission statement as well as their shoes, so even though they are quite pricey, I'm still always willing to get a pair if I'm really in love with them. I've been eyeing this pair in particular for a long time so I'm excited to finally have them, they are just so darn cute!
Salicylic acid peel. I've had a slight setback when it came to my skin recently but then I remembered about my Dr. Song chemical peel that I received for a review a few months bag and busted that bad boy out. Wow that really did the trick! If anytime you feel like your pores are so clogged that it is just a volcanic eruption on your face, go get yourself a salicylic acid peel! It takes no more than two minutes for the whole process and you are rewarded instantly with baby soft skin and it stays that way with proper care and maintenance! This is my ultimate secret to just really refreshing my skin from deep down and as a bonus it really helps to even out your complexion from any sort of discoloration or scarring. A bottle of this stuff is pricey but I think it's worth it and will definitely pick up more when I run out! You can check out my full review here!
Shopping! This is a weird one because I hate shopping but recently I've really gotten my finances in order and realized I can afford to treat myself with some stuff! In particular I'm angling for these following items: a new pair of sunglasses (mine are over 5 years old and the lenses like to pop out all the time for no reason), a new bag for work (I've had my current one since my college days and the straps are actually starting to wear away and break), and finally this Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC with Fringe in Taupe (not on the site for some reason) because it is so darn cute and perfect for summer! I'm trying to be reasonable and purchase things in order of need (work bag, sunglasses, crossbody) but I think I might get that fringe bag first since I'm still on the hunt for the other two and I already know exactly which crossbody I want!

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