Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lazy Summer Activities

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It's summertime, the weather is hot and that in itself is an encouragement to do nothing. However as fun as laying in bed all day, I've come up with a list of activities that would be perfect for a lazy day that requires very little effort. Well at least most of them do. Either way these are great opportunities to get out there and enjoy the nice weather and take advantage of the extra hours of sunlight!
Tide pooling. This one probably takes the most effort and is completely out if you don't live near the ocean, but it's one of my favorite activities so it just had to make the list anyways! A quick drive to some tide pools is a great way to pass a few hours, climbing over rocks and peering at the tiny ocean worlds within them. You can see some truly amazing things. While you're there you might as well partake in my second favorite beach activity which is collecting sea glass. I used to have a huge jar full when I was younger but that has somehow got lost so eventually I have plans to start up that collection again!
Binge watching Netflix. What better way to pass a whole day than to do a Netflix marathon! I need to do a write up of what I've been watching lately but I can tell you Orange is the New Black as well as the entire Lost series is high up on my to-do list. I don't know about you but there are some great shows in there that I can just watch over and over and never get bored of, and that is why my Netflix membership sticks around.
Reading a good book. I believe that people don't really appreciate picking up a book these days and I'll admit sometimes I fall victim to this too. My bedtime ritual used to be reading a book to unwind but after I started watching TV shows instead in college I haven't been able to revert back. It's sad how little people read good ole fashion books now especially with the rise of audio books that work better with busy schedules so I challenge you on your next lazy day to put down the remote and pick up a book instead! There really is nothing better than getting lost in a story and the strange feeling where you're eagerly reading a book as fast as you can so you can know the ending but at the same time dreading the end because it will be over. Personally I plan on starting from the beginning with the Harry Potter series again which I will do as soon as I finish reading through Gone Girl for the second time! I'm definitely the type of person who can't get sick of a good thing so you'll catch me rewatching and rereading things for years to come. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still pick up my Saddle Club books from time to time for a quick read.
Reliving your childhood. Feeding of my admittance to rereading childhood favorites, another favorite activity of mine is hitting up your local park. I just love climbing on play structures and swinging on the swing sets. I suggest doing this in the evening though when play structure aged children won't be out so you won't look like a crazy adult doing these things but if you don't find that odd I say go for it! I'll never lose the joyful feeling of swinging as high as I possibly can, nor the bliss of rocketing down a curvy slide, who says kids are the only ones who can have all the fun?
Honing your Masterchef skills. This may seem like a strange one since firing up a hot oven or stove seems like the last thing you want to do on a hot day, but summer, in my opinion, has the best fresh food options in season so it is the opportune time to pick out some new recipes to try out! This corn bacon and clam stew has been on my to try list for so long I think I really have to push myself to do it this summer!
Stargazing. Last one is something I've always loved to do but for years I haven't gotten the chance. I live in a suburb and either way it's hard to get somewhere out there enough to really see the stars so it's also a goal of mine this year to try and get out there and do this. As a child I had star charts and wheels that showed the position of different constellations through the seasons and I would love to climb onto the roof and try and identify them. I guess it comes with growing older that these pure little joys get lost in life so this is definitely something that is perfect for a lazy summer night just to lay on your back and get lost in the stars.

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