Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Favorites + Unfavorites!

Surprise surprise this month I have an all skincare favorites! My makeup game is way off lately I've gotten down to just using two products per day which is a brow pencil and some mascara. I think it's time for the return of the BB cream at the very least. I've just had a crazy work schedule lately so I've opted out of makeup for an extra ten minutes of sleep each day, and I can tell you it's still not enough! Frankly it's a miracle I even get clothes onto the right body parts before I'm out the door. Also this month there is happily no unfavorites!

theBalm Strawberry Nourishing Facial Serum. I don't want to go on too much about this so I'm just going to say look out for my review that will be out in a couple of days!
Pro You Aroma AC Cream. I'm seriously in love with this stuff. At first I didn't think I would like it since it's kind of a waxier consistency and the last time I came across one of those types of moisturizers I wasn't a fan. So this is a great cream that I use at night made from a blend of green tea, grapefruit, tea tree oil, lavender, juniper berry, and more that works to tighten up pores and control your sebum level. Can I just tell you that after my one use my skin was radiant! It was ridiculously soft the next day, about the same level of softness as a water sleeping mask, and it felt smooth and ultra moisturized. That alone makes me a huge fan and if with time it does help with oil control I will be even more of a fan.
Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm in Passionfruit Mango. The smell alone is intoxicating, it smells so realistic and not too strong. It also works nicely as a lip balm and hydrated my lips so that's a good sign!
Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask. Here's another that has a review so check it out here! But basically it makes my skin squeaky clean and I'm a huge fan. Plus it smells amazing.
Nourish Organics Avocado + Argan Renewing Eye Cream. I didn't think I would enjoy this eye cream as much as I did but it actually is a very nice hydrating eye cream that is similar to the Kiehl's Creamy Avocado one! I also like that it's in a tube so much more hygienic than tubs and it is very affordable too.
Enesti Apple & Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream. This is a surprisingly hydrating hand cream that leaves my skin baby soft without the grease. I love putting it on every night and it has the most deliciously light scent of apple that I'm a huge fan of.
Garnier Clean Balancing Daily Exfoliator. I went to the store in hunt of my Aveeno Daily Detoxifying Scrub and was heartbroken when it appeared to have been discontinued. I found this one instead and I must say I think I like it better. It's a very gentle scrub and a gel cleanser, but it's enough to do the job and as a bonus it's a nice bright pink that is a welcome pop of color in the morning.
Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack. Apparently not all pore strips were created equal because these are AMAZING! The first time I used them I didn't even think my pores were that clogged but this seriously ripped out so much disgusting gunk I was flabbergasted. Good thing this is a fairly popular brand so I shouldn't have a problem getting my hands on more!

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