Monday, June 22, 2015

Nails of the Week #42: Formula X Black Hole

I'll be honest I don't think I really like this nail polish at all! I'm finding that these textured polishes are tricky to work with because it kind of defeats the purpose of the texture with a top coat, however the texture tends to snag on things and chip like crazy! The nail polish chipped pretty much within minutes of it drying off so not pleased. I grabbed this nail polish from a Sephora sale once, and I clearly was not paying attention because I wasn't aware it was a texturized polish until it dried! It's a nice matte with some glitter. It's a dark space grey with some very subtle red glitter in it.

I guess I should actually tell you the name of the polish, this is a Sephora Formula X polish in Black Hole. I do believe it is discontinued now hence why it was on dirt cheap clearance and I totally see why because this stuff just won't last on your nails at all. I kept trying to make it work and I would fill in the chips, since it was a texturized polish this worked and it didn't look out of place, but really who has the time to fix your nail polish everyday? I sure don't.

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