Monday, June 29, 2015

Nails of the Week #43: White Out

Let's start with a disclaimer that this is the first time I have ever kept a white manicure, and if you've ever tried to do this yourself you know how difficult white nail polishes are to work with! That being said I want to say this was a pretty decent effort, I can always improve in my technique but the polish itself was so great to work with I definitely see myself attempting it more! I've always loved white manicures, they just look so classy and beautiful and really emphasizes a tan, making it the perfect color for summer. In the past I've had really streaky and horrible whites and just a horrible time applying it so while I stared at other people's manicures I wasn't brave enough to try it myself.

Enter Essie in Private Weekend which is probably the easiest white I have ever worked with! Three quick drying coats to perfect opacity, I only screwed up on two nails that required additional coats to fix my mistake but I say I did pretty good! These pictures make it look a little awful since this is definitely a manicure to be enjoyed from afar but I'm a total fan and will definitely try this again! Next I really want to try a white matte!

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