Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#NYG Check-In!

The year is at the half-way point so how am I doing! Raise your hand if you even remember what my goals are because I'll admit I definitely forgot about a few of them. I want to say that overall I've been sticking to my goals though even the ones I've forgotten about so I'm happy to say that these lifestyle changes have actually been effective! Well let's go into the more detailed breakdown of what's been going on with my New Years Goals.
  • Walk 5000 steps a day. I've actually been hitting this fairly consistently which is a huge accomplishment for me! I hit it every weekday and usually at least one day on the weekends if not both of them. Sometimes I just want that lazy day though and I'll opt to spend an entire day with Netflix instead of moving.
  • Cut down on the amount of subscription boxes. This I have done brilliantly at and I actually have just two subscription boxes each month! My Birchbox and Mask Maven were just two I couldn't do without and by not reading blogs daily anymore I've cut out the temptation of subscribing to other boxes.
  • Finalize the perfect morning and night skincare routine. It's funny that I forgot that this was one of my goals since I just put it on my summer bucket list! Well here's to hoping to finalizing it. This one is pretty tough since I'm trying to use up my hoard of products so it's hard to have and stick to a routine just yet.
  • Spend at least three hours a day without a cell phone. You can thank my new job for this because it definitely keeps me off my phone for the whole day! So yes I am doing great at this one.
  • Get and maintain a blog planner. It's June and I've used my planner every single month to plan out an editorial calendar. It's great just sitting down one day and writing out all my posts for a month. It's helped me to reduce my blogging to a designated day each week so it's easy to maintain this blog even when I get busy.
  • Start embracing more minimalist tendencies. This clearly went out the window and probably the only thing I've been doing poorly at. This was a good reminder that this was a goal so at least I can step up my game for the second half of the year!
  • Develop a personal sense of style. Is basic a sense of style? If so I have that down pat. I'm planning on doing a great closet clean out and I'm going to try and fit a few trips to the mall soon. I'm getting a definite idea of things I like to wear and what works well with my body so I think I can count this one as successful progress at this check point.
  • Drink more water. Some days I kill at this and other days I don't. It really depends on how busy I get at work, but I am making it a point to grab multiple water bottles out of the fridge so I can just keep reaching for and drinking them throughout the day. The problem is when I run out of water but I'm too busy to get more. This is a case where if there were bottles there I would drink but since there aren't it just completely slips my mind.

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