Thursday, June 18, 2015

Skincare Haul!

Recently I picked up a couple of different skincare items and the only reason this haul is happening is because I have slowly run out of storage space for all my goodies! So as I was picking these things up I was just throwing them all into a paper bag and the other day I took a look inside and was surprised at the amount of stuff in there, so why not whip up a quick haul post! Some things I scored off a sale that derma e was having recently, I picked some things up from the new Skin Food store at the mall, and finally I put in a request when my dad was in China was business and he picked up some TonyMoly items for me. It's a small haul but I thought at least a few of you would still be interested!

TonyMoly Egg Pore Nose Pack | Undeniably the best pore strips ever! I've raved about these in my favorites last month so of course I needed more! One pack isn't enough though, the next chance I get I'm literally getting about a hundred of these!
TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack | I've had my eye on this sleeping pack since my trip to Taiwan back in February. The fruit shaped packaging of TonyMoly products just get me everytime and this was just too cute! I had to pass on it last time since I went absolutely buckwild in Etude House so I'm glad to get my hands on it now.

derma e Very Clear Acne Spot Treatment | You can never have to many spot treatments! I like using one of these in the morning since they are usually non greasy I can just dot it on easily to problem spots. I used to have a surplus of spot treatments while I was subscribed to Ipsy but since I've cancelled that a few months ago I've run out. I have a few different brands sitting in my drawer so eventually I will get around to figuring out which is my favorite!
derma e Very Clear Acne Scrub | As clear as my skin is getting I definitely still suffer from breakouts occasionally. Thankfully they are all very subtle, I mean I doubt anyone notices but me! At the same time it will be nice to have something with a slight fighting power to use during those days. 2% should be enough to treat the problems without drying out my skin!

derma e Scar Gel | Years ago I used this stuff religiously on my appendix scar and it was actually quite useful. I forgot about it for awhile but recently I read about another blogger using it on her acne scars and it inspired me to pick some more up! There was a killer sale on them at the time so I decided to grab two since these things are expensive! I also have some light scarring on my legs so I'm looking forward to using this on those too.
derma e Exfoliating Mask with Fruit Enzymes and Dead Sea Salt | While I was in the sale section, of course I couldn't say no to a face mask! I'm also a huge fan of fruit enzymes because my skin responds very well to their exfoliating power so it just made sense to pick this up too. I'm hoping it smells delicious but I have a feeling it will be fairly odorless.

Skin Food Green Tea Foot Mist | I'm not sure if I want to admit this but I eventually plan on doing a review on this product so might as well put it out there now, I suffer from stinky feet. No matter how much scrub or wear sandals instead of socks they just stink! I laughed when I saw this in the store but for $10 I decided to give it a shot. As you can see I've already started using it but I'm going to make you guys wait for my review to find out if it works so stay tuned!
Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil | There was a killer 50% off deal while I was there that involved this oil and the mask so naturally I had to try them out! I'm running low on my current cleansing oil so I was interested in trying out a real Asian cleansing oil to get the real double cleansing experience. Stayed tuned for this review too!
Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off | It's a face mask, even without the deal I knew I would get my hands on this eventually! These sugar masks are great for softening skin as well as exfoliating when you rinse off so I'm excited to crack into this tub. Now I just need to resist for awhile and finish a few of the masks I have open now!

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