Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Friendly Makeup Tips!

I must say that ever since I graduated college and started working full time my sense of the seasons is quite off. Two weeks ago there was a heat wave to the point where I was getting cranky about how hot it was and that was a wake up call for me to realize that it was actually June that it was suppose to be hot! It seems bad timing that now is when I've rekindled my interest in makeup since a full face of makeup tends to melt off in under an hour in the heat but of course that inspired to whip up a quick post about some tips to help keep your makeup intact all day long! Now, none of these are miracle workers but they are all some good solid tips that will definitely help.

  • Keep it light. This is a no brainer but when the temperatures are up and the sun is out the best tip for keeping makeup in tact is just to keep it light! Find the bare minimum you can get away with and stick with that through the summer months. 
  • Primer. Using a primer is great anytime of the year but it is especially handy during the summertime. A primer basically preps your face so the skin is at its optimal state to hold onto makeup, so the use of a good primer will help your makeup endure for hours. When it comes to primers, look for something silicone based because in my experience that is the best ingredient that is long lasting on skin (yes even oily skin) so it will be the best proxy between hanging onto your skin and makeup.
  • Just a dusting of powder. While it is tempting to just cake on the powder to help soak out the oils throughout the day, this is a big no-no. Throughout the day as the temperature rises and you sweat (just admit that it's inevitable) it will start breaking up your powder and turn you into a blotchy mess. This goes with the first tip of keeping it light, but it's especially important to keep the powder to a minimum! A light dusting followed by small touch ups throughout the day is the best trick. Make sure to lightly blot before reapplying to ensure a more even and longer lasting application.
  • Avoid cream and liquid products. Now is the time to step away from anything running because I guarantee liquid and cream products will just melt off your face. Instead go for powder or gel products that will have a longer staying power through hot temperatures and it won't feel heavy on your skin.
  • Facial mists. Whether it is just water or something fancier, a quick spritz of anything is a great method to just refresh your face. If anything the sensation is very cooling and refreshing and you will just feel better afterwards! 
  • For drastic measures, try hair spray. If all else fails, a beauty hack is setting your face with hairspray! Prepare for it to be sticky and really not pleasant if you get any in your mouth or up your nose so definitely apply with caution, but once it dries on your face your makeup is pretty much set for the day. Like it really isn't going anywhere. I don't advise doing this everyday but if you're desperate for a full day of wear this should do the trick. The hard part is ensuring nothing touches your face but hey if you have the dedication for it then you got this!
What are some of your favorite warm weather tips?

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