Monday, July 6, 2015

25 Summer Date Ideas

I guess I'm in a very love summer mood lately because this past week this blog has featured so many summer themed posts! But I'm not done with them yet because I have (at least) one more for you today! While I did title this summer date ideas they can all be applied to friend dates too! This is a bit unusual because typically I like to make short lists full of descriptions but today I decided to just think up 25 different ideas and just keep it nice and simple in a list. So without further ado here are some ideas that would be a perfect summer date with just about anyone!

1. Go to a street fair or festival
2. Take a visit to the local aquarium or zoo
3. Have a picnic in the park
4. Go on a sunset hike
5. Close your eyes and point to somewhere on a (local) map, then drive there
6. Go to the drive-in movies
7. Go to a baseball game
8. Take a cooking class together
9. Go kayaking in the ocean
10. Take a trip to a berry picking farm and bake a pie together afterwards
11. Do a $25 garage sale challenge, loser buys dinner!
12. Fly a kite
13. Have a bonfire and cook everything in the fire
14. Go white river rafting
15. Play mini golf
16. Visit open houses together and critique the homes
17. Pick a movie series and watch them all in one day
18. Do a volunteer project together
19. Go wine or beer tasting for the day and feel fancy for doing so
20. Have a backyard camp out
21. Pick a direction and drive for two hours and enjoy the destination
22. Go on a hunt for a hidden gem of a restaurant
23. Enjoy a summer concert in the park
24. Go to a waterpark
25. Stargaze together

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  1. Great ideas! T and I have already done a lot of these this summer, but now I want to go kayaking and visit a berry farm!