Friday, July 10, 2015

Deep Clean Skincare Routine

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I'm going to let you all in on a secret, I've been really skimping out on my skincare lately! The past week and a half I've been running around and so busy that all I have the energy to do is take off my makeup and wash it. That being said it seems like the perfect time to outline my deep clean skincare routine as it is something I plan on doing tonight to kick start the skincare craze again. A few of these steps I do more frequently but this entire routine happens about every other week and really gets down to the core of it all. I'm also skipping out describing some steps (toner, spot treatment, moisturizer, etc.) because I plan on doing whole separate posts about those. I also don't plan on naming products because sometimes the specific brand varies in my routine, it's just the steps and types of products that really matters. Anyways lets just get into it before it sounds more complicated than it is!

  1. How I always take off my makeup is using a cleansing oil. What I love about cleansing oil is that it is the best at gently but effectively removing off all makeup and while it is at it, it also removes excess sebum and other dirt and impurities on your skin while leaving it soft and hydrated.
  2. If you use a cleansing oil you must do the double cleansing routine which is following up with a cream or foaming cleanser. This is another daily step of mine but a good cleanser is necessary to take off all that oil from your skin. After a cleansing oil attaches itself onto your excess sebum it needs a little help getting off the skin all together. Those with dry skin can get away with wiping it off with a hot cloth however I have oily skin so I try to remove as much oil as possible to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.
  3. Next up is using a drying mask which is basically like an extreme spot treatment except you wash it off after about 20 minutes. Any acne I have usually gets a dot, as well as areas of my face that gets extra oily during the day such as my cheeks, around my brows (I know weird right?), and chin. A drying mask is great at drawing out impurities so anywhere I have enlarged pores too I also like to put on a dab to really help work some of that gunk out of there.
  4. After the drying mask has had sufficient time to do its magic I like to follow up with an exfoliating scrub using a konjac sponge. Now this really gets out anything on the surface and just below. I use some sort of scrub everyday, I have scrubs of varying degrees of grittiness so don't worry I'm not abusing my skin here. The konjac sponge is a little something extra to help with the exfoliating and is gentle enough to use daily which I try and do whenever I remember to. I have the charcoal infused konjac sponge which is good for oily and acne prone skin and whenever I use it my skin feels so soft and fresh.
  5. Now that my skin is squeaky clean, the next step of this deep clean routine is to use a pore strip! There's a lot of debate out there about the actual effectiveness of these things but personally I've always gotten some solid results from it so even if I'm just buying into the hype I'm still happy to use these once a week. To get the most out of your strip wet your nose using warm water to slightly soften and warm up your skin so it is easier to stick the strip flat on your skin. Start by sticking it to the bridge of your nose and smooth it down, working slowly to adhere it snugly to the contours of your nostrils. These strips are most effective when they are flat up against your skin so take the extra time to apply them properly!
  6. Probably my favorite step in the routine is using an at home salicylic acid peel. Crazy strong and something you need to use carefully but the results are immediate and life changing. Nothing else gets my skin smoother, softer, and cleaner than one of these peels because it really just strips all the bad stuff out. After use my pores look smaller because it really cleans deep down and with dedicated use it helps with the overall evenness of skin tone and a brighter complexion.
  7. Following my peel I start it on my normal skincare routine like toner and serum, but after that I like to put on a sheet mask. This is also another step I try to do daily because I have so many masks and my skin just loves it. It's basically some sort of fiber mask that is just soaked in super concentrated face serum that you place over your face and just let your skin soak it all up. It feels very luxurious and my skin just really can't get enough of the good stuff! After the mask is dried up I continue with the rest of my skincare routine.
  8. This last step I do every other day or every two days. There are some people I know that do it everyday but I believe if you do it too often you won't be able to notice the benefits as much so I limit it. Here I'm talking about a water sleeping mask which is basically a super hydrating moisturizer. It's designed to never feel like it fully dries because it creates a "water barrier" on your skin to prevent moisture from leaving it as you sleep and letting all the products you put on really soak in and benefit your skin. After doing all that harsh extraction work on your skin it is very important to re-hydrate it properly and a sleeping mask is the perfect answer.

And that is my deep clean skincare routine! Excessive? Maybe a little bit, but my skin loves it and it really brightens up the next day from all the pampering.

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