Monday, July 13, 2015

Nails of the Week #44: Confetti Colorblock

Do you ever get a crazy idea in your head and then of course it never turns out as awesome as you imagined it? This was definitely a case of that where I thought it would be a great design to use some nail polishes I've never even touched before in my collection but sadly it just didn't turn out as cool as I was imaging it. One of the problems is that the shapes were thicker than I remembered then being, for some reason I was remembering them as more of thin flakes rather than chunky pieces so the color just didn't distribute as easily as they should have. I also feel like I didn't pick the best colors, I should have used the orange I had instead of the blue, but oh well you live and you learn.

Today I took three top coat effects from Sephora's Formula X and attempted to create a sort of ombre colorblock effect. I layered Mind Blowing (yellow), Maniacal (green), and Crash (blue) for this final product. Some nails definitely look better than others, it was hard to have a uniform and even look. I think it's safe to say I probably won't try this again because it was hard to get a hold of the larger pieces to really solidify the color and not have it look off.

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