Monday, July 20, 2015

Nails of the Week #45: Geometric Color Blocks

Every once in awhile I get the crazy idea in my head to try out designs. Apparently I'm limited to attempting semi straight lines because I have no creativity or steady enough hand for anything else! I think I need to work on just apply nail polish better because I'm embarrassed by the sloppy brush work in this and almost didn't post this manicure! But hey it's all just a learning experience here. I decided to do a sort of geometric color block look with the help of my trusty nail tape. I must say I'm getting a little better at cleaner lines I'm figuring out how to remove the tape to get cleaner lines and I'm more patient about the top coat to prevent bleeding. I still haven't mastered even coats of light color polishes, is there a nail polish 101 class I could take for this?

So the base color is comprised of layering two colors: Orly in Cakepop which is a milky pale pink that I did a horrible job of painting evenly. I thought the color was a little too white for what I wanted so I went in with Zoya in Sari to brighten up the pink a little. It kind of worked but not really. At this point I was already about 3.5 coats in with color so I decided to quit while I was ahead otherwise this manicure was going to be way too thick and it would never dry. Next I put some tape down to get some shapes with the purple which is one of my favorite colors, Essie in Warm & Toasty Turtleneck. Most of it ended up a little too straight for me I wish I angled it more, my thumbs are pretty nice but everything else is meh. The last layer of color was a contrasting black (using my handy Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Black Satin) for some more shapes. This one was harder and I had to go back and freehand some smoother lines so that's why a few nails look funky. Not a bad attempt, however next time I will do a better job at the base color because that just went everywhere and I was never able to clean it all up so it just looks sloppy close up.

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