Monday, July 27, 2015

Nails of the Week #46: Rose Gold and White

I think I'm starting to master the whole light nail polish thing! It's still not perfect around my cuticles but there was really minimal cleanup required for this. Also this time around I used nail stickers rather than tape and I achieve much cleaner lines. I think my tape doesn't stick as well to my nail because with these stickers all the lines were smooth and flawless so if anyone has suggestions for a brand of tape that adheres better for the cleaner lines I would love it if you would comment and let me know!

This manicure was actually inspired by the Hunger Games. In one scene Effie had purple nails with gold circles at the tip and I modified it a little to make it more summer friendly with a white base and rose gold tips. I absolutely love it and this is one of the few manicures of late that I'm not embarrassed to post about. So the white is my handy Essie in Private Weekend which has quickly become my go to white. Perfect opacity in two coats, a tiny bit thicker than I would like but I think I'm going to drop in some nail polish thinner to fix that. The gold is Orly in Rage which is seriously a pretty color and I think it will need to fly solo on my nails soon. Or how pretty would it be to have the rose gold base and then some sort of geometric black design over top?? That would be so pretty using some stamps so I think I need to research and perhaps pick up some stamps!

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