Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Shampoo

I wash my hair twice a week for various reasons that one day I may blog about, but for the purpose of this post it's just necessary to know so you can understand why I am so dry shampoo crazed. I've tried dry shampoos from all different price ranges in search of the perfect one. I'm very picky about it, my hair must look and feel clean while not taking on that stiff feeling that a lot of dry shampoos cause. It's also tough to find dry shampoos that can last for several hours without touch ups so I'm a huge critic when it comes to them! Today I'm doing a quick review on the Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Shampoo which I picked up awhile ago at the Beautyland closing sale. A can of this costs $20, so it's not cheap at all!

This is a typical aerosol can with a fairly direct spray. I love that it does not have a baby powder scent like most dry shampoos instead it smells more beachy to me, a little like coconuts and sunscreen, but in a good way. Applying it there definitely is the white residue so it is not one of those dry shampoos you can just spray and go. You need to wait for it to dry and then brush it out. After doing so though I find that my hair looks and feels fluffy and clean. It also adds a lot of volume to my roots which I'm also a huge fan of. However I find that it lasts about three hours before my hair starts looking a little flat and greasy. This was a nice treat to pick up for a discounted price and it has nice instant results however it is not as long lasting as I would expect such an expensive product to be so this is not something I would recommend you pick up at full price.

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