Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Beauty Essentials

It's summer. I think that's pretty clear with the millions of summer themed posts that have been on my blog lately. I don't know, something about the season this year has really inspired a lot of rambling on my part. So today I have another installment to my summer series that is sharing a few of my summer beauty essentials! I know a lot of these are pretty "well duh" items but hey, I'm not claiming to be the most interesting or original person here!

  • After sun lotion. A girl's best friend when it comes to summer, an artful blend of lotion and aloe vera this is the secret to soothing some sun kissed skin and helping to keep the color long lasting. It's a little more hydrating than just aloe vera gel so it's worth it to keep an after sun lotion in your arsenal.
  • Aloe vera gel. Sometimes you need the big guns to step in after a day in the sun and nothing beats slapping on some aloe vera for instant sun burn relief. Recently I had a nasty experience with the sun and this stuff was a life saver for me to do even basic things such as stand and walk!
  • Powder. There is nothing worse than sun and sweat induced shine ruining pictures so keeping a blotting powder on a hand is very important. A good powder is perfect for soaking up that excess oil and is also crucial in helping to blend your makeup as you start to sweat it off during the day. A little bit of powder buffed in well help even out your skin tone and sort of spread around your makeup as it starts wearing off.
  • Makeup setting spray. I don't care all the claims out there about how setting sprays don't work, when it's hot and you cake on the powder accidentally this stuff is a blessing to fix everything up. If anything a spritz at the end of your routine is very refreshing and sort of just brightens up your skin. You don't even need to go with anything fancy because at the end of the day no makeup setting spray will truly set your makeup all day but anything will help it stick on a little better by dampening your face and letting everything just settle a little better to your skin. My personal favorite is the elf setting spray that only cost a few dollars.
  • Body scrub. Exfoliation is your friend when it comes to summer and the answer to blazing temperatures is sundresses. The natural desire for nice looking skin is solved by body scrubs! I love doing body scrubs all the time but I double the effort in the summer so my skin is really glowing and smooth.
  • Body lotion. I'll admit I'm not the best about putting on lotion everyday and it's something I need to get better at! It's hard for days I'm wearing pants or leggings because I never have time to wait for my lotion to absorb completely and I can't stand the slimy feeling against clothing, and this is the same issue I run into at night about being in bed with "slimy" limbs. With the constant scrubbing and sun exposure it is extra important to get some extra hydration in so that is why lotion lands in as another essential for me.
  • Sheet masks. This should come as no surprise since I've talked about these things for months now, but sheet masks! Perfect "spa moment" products that are especially soothing on your skin and the perfect thing to relax and recharge with each night. If anything I feel like I don't make enough time to sheet mask!

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