Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unboxing: Beauteque Mask Maven July 2015

It's that time of the month again for my favorite subscription box! Of course I'm talking about Beauteque Mask Maven which sends me 9 different masks monthly for $16 a month! I saw the sneak peek for this month and was immediately excited because I knew that it would come with a foot mask! I'm still dying to get my hands on one of those foot peeling masks but that will come to me with time. I've seen them at the store sometimes but they are pricey! Sometimes upwards to $20 so I've been hesitant to pick one up, I'm still hoping that one will turn up in my Mask Maven one of these days!

Esfolio Gold Mask - Gold Essence. Containing Colloidal Gold, this sheet mask is great for alleviating stressed skin by adding elasticity and moisture.
Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet. Milk protein extract is effective in keeping the skin clean and help to increase skin elasticity and moisture.
Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Money Mask 'Clean' and 'Solution'. These are Beauteque exclusive and I think it is quite cute packaging. One of them is a cleaning mask and the other says solution however I don't see that on the product card so maybe it means it's a repair mask? I have no clue.
AngelLooka Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack. Helps moisturize feet as it removes dead skin cells. It says that it heats up upon application so I'm interested in seeing how this works!
Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask. This anti-wrinkle eye care mask revitalizes skin elasticity under the eyes with effective components such as phyto black complex, marine collagen, and silk peptide.
Holika Holika Ceramide + Honey Mask. I have quite a few of these masks now in different varieties and it is a pretty solid mask so I'm thrilled to have another variation.
Tony Moly I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet. One of my most favorite brands I believe this is some sort of milk mask which is great for brightening and hydrating skin.
SNP Beijing Opera Brightening. Active ingredients of coconut water immediately replenishes moisture to dry skin and improves skin's defense function.

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  1. I just recently signed up for Mask Maven and it is definitely my favorite subscription