Friday, July 31, 2015

What To Watch On Netflix

Netflix has been something that comes up in several of my posts lately whether it be lazy day activities or even date ideas so it just makes sense for me to throw together a what to watch list. I may have a very strange sense of what is good to watch but hey maybe there is someone out there who has the same taste in movies and shows as me. I definitely had a lot more shows on this list before because I love binge watching shows and I find it a lot easier to pause a show rather than a movie so that's probably why. Anyways, without further ado here are some things I've been watching on Netflix lately!
  • Orange is the New Black. The much anticipated yearly release of a new season happened more than a month ago but I'll admit I'm still struggling to finish even the first episode. However this is a fantastic show and I'm waiting for a day where I'm not "catching up" so I can just sit and watch the whole season start to finish. I must say that the opening sequence is long and the song gets obnoxious, Netflix really needs an option to skip it!
  • The Last Unicorn. This is a silly one but it's a total favorite from my childhood. This is a really strange, somewhat scary, animated movie that if I remember correctly, was first introduced to me by finding it on VHS at the library. I remember checking it out a lot finally to the point where my mom made a copy for me. I actually now have the DVD which I picked up
  • Friends. I was never one of those people who caught the Friends bug but I've watched an odd episode here or there. I was excited to find the complete series was available on Netflix and it seemed like the appropriate time to watch every single episode.
  • LOST. One of my all time favorite shows it just had to make the list. This isn't everyone's cup of tea and even a bunch of die hard fans had issues with the way the series ended. I really believed there wasn't another way for it to end and I'm a fan. I've been going through LOST withdrawals ever since and it is just one of those shows maybe once a year or so I find myself re-watching from the beginning.
  • Curious George. This seems random, but this is an adorable movie of a childhood classic. The story of George and the Man in the Yellow Hat set to a fantastic soundtrack by Jack Johnson makes this a favorite of mine that I think is wildly appropriate for all ages.
  • Dragons Race to the Edge. Netflix came out with an original series based on the How to Train Your Dragon movies so sign me up! It's slightly confusing since it seems to take place in between the two movies so just keep that in mind.
  • Heroes. A show that started out strong and then sort of went the wrong direction before it was finally cancelled. It still makes the list because this fall NBC is planning a reboot of the series so it's something worth giving it another watch.
  • The Cobbler. Adam Sandler, a little comedy, and a little heart warming. Sign me up! A movie about a cobbler who is magically able to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" just has feel good written all over it.
  • Chef. A cross country food truck adventure with a father and a son. This movie drove me to track down a Cubano and sadly I have yet to find one.

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