Friday, August 7, 2015

Fitness Friday!

So the July Ab Challenge was a complete failure. I just ended up way too busy and missing a few days just became not trying at all. Nevertheless I stayed on point at hitting my 5000 steps a day goal so at least that is something in the fitness game. July was the month full of excuses so at this point I really have no excuse except I just failed myself.

For August I'm trying something different and that is taking advantage of some workout videos on YouTube! This month around I've designed the schedule myself and looking at what my schedule is and planning the workouts around it. I'm giving myself rest days depending on when I know I won't be able to work out and scheduling shorter workouts whenever I know my day is a little more packed. I decided to go with the Tone It Up channel as my source for workouts after hearing several of my friends rave about it. For those you interested in doing this with me here is the schedule I have worked out:

Saturday, August 1st | REST
Sunday, August 2nd BOOTY
Monday, August 3rd ARMS
Tuesday, August 4th THIGHS
Wednesday, August 5th THIGHS
Thursday, August 6th BOOTY
Friday, August 7th ARMS
Saturday, August 8th BOOTY
Sunday, August 9th REST
Monday, August 10th THIGHS
Tuesday, August 11th THIGHS
Wednesday, August 12th ARMS
Thursday, August 13th | REST
Friday, August 14th | REST
Saturday, August 15th THIGHS
Sunday, August 16th BOOTY
Monday, August 17th ARMS
Tuesday, August 18th THIGHS
Wednesday, August 19th BOOTY
Thursday, August 20th ARMS
Friday, August 21st ARMS
Saturday, August 22nd | REST
Sunday, August 23rd | REST
Monday, August 24th THIGHS
Tuesday, August 25th THIGHS
Wednesday, August 26th BOOTY
Thursday, August 27th ARMS
Friday, August 28th ARMS
Saturday, August 29th | REST
Sunday, August 30th BOOTY
Monday, August 31st THIGHS

In July I got back on track with drinking water averaging about 5-6 bottles a day. I worked on eating bigger more balanced breakfast and then smaller veggie packed lunches a little later in the day. This helped me with my portion control at dinnertime as well as discourage snacking which thankfully isn't that huge of a issue for me. However this past month I started drinking more sugary drinks so that is something I will need to work on in August.

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