Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday 5 Fave

Another month, and another week of favorites. Most surprisingly I do NOT have a song favorite this time around! I've actually curated an entire playlist of music that I've been loving as of late but I want to create an entire post dedicated to that with detailed explanations of what each song means to me so that is a work in progress that you will need to stay tuned for. This week I'm loving some unusual snacks, a throwback, and acknowledging something that always tickles the back of my mind.

Wanderlust. It's been awhile since I've gotten to travel and with my current work schedule it makes it near impossible. This month I'm lucky enough to get to go on two little getaways. The first of them is actually going on right now as we speak! Currently I'm in Las Vegas right now, I came with my mom to visit my sister and also because it is her birthday today. Next weekend I'm taking a long weekend trip to Seattle for a wedding, so I'm loving this "jet set" life of flying off on weekends and I will savor it while it lasts. I'm already looking forward to labor day weekend and hopefully I can pull something together for that since my need for adventure is strong right now!

Super Supau. Probably one of the strangest favorites yet, but this is a popular sports drink from Taiwan that I've been obsessed with lately. When I was younger, my family and I would spend entire summers in Taiwan and that is when I first got hooked on this beverage. Fast forward a decade and finding it in Asian supermarkets here. Now to be fair I've known for a few years now that this is available stateside but this week in particular the craving is strong for this stuff. You can check out some information about this stuff here!

Nature Box. I addressed this briefly in my unboxing but seriously wish I jumped on the bandwagon sooner. These snacks are AMAZING and I'm eyeing so many different things in the pantry right now I really can't wait for the next box to come. I want to try some of those tea biscuits as well as as many cheese and corn snacks since those are my ultimate favorite things to snack on! I've always loved the beauty subscriptions so it's dangerous territory now getting into the snack ones.

Harry Potter. My love for Harry Potter never goes away but this so happens to be that time of the year when I decide to pick up the entire series and read them start to finish. I'm currently in the middle of the third book and I'm already dreading the end of the series. There is just something really special about this series and I'm absolutely in love with all the characters and the story line. I love reading for the sake of escaping into fantastical stories that then haunt my dreams for weeks to come. Deep down I'm really a dreamer and the best way for me to address that is through books and movies.

Home Free. This TV show on FOX is a little cheesy but I'm still hooked. A simple concept of pairs who all for various reasons do not own homes. Each week they all work together on fixing up a rundown house with the hopes of being the last couple standing to get the brand new dream house prize at the end. However what they don't know is that the eliminated couple each week is actually given the house that they just finished working on! The ending is always heartwarming and it's the best when they fly in their family to surprise them.

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