Thursday, August 6, 2015

H20+ Haul

I had a scare over this where I thought my entire order was cancelled after waiting a month for it, but all is well and these goodies are finally in my possession. Months ago I received a sample of the targeted hand cream and it's honestly the best hand cream I've ever used. Since thing I've seen H20+ on HauteLook one other time and at that time I just picked up a body balm, some more of that hand cream, as well as a hand soap that game with it. The hand soap was a game changer, leaving my hands soft and moisturized no matter how many times I used it, the hand cream still as great as I remember, and the body balm was absolutely phenomenal. I've been waiting for this stuff to come back onto HauteLook since things were nearly 75% off on that site, so it finally happened and I just want crazy purchasing a wide range of things to try out. Here's my haul of all the goodies I picked up, I can't wait to break into all of it!

Vanilla Almond Moisturizing Body Balm. Not one, not two, but FOUR of these body balms. I love this, it is super moisturizing and makes my skin so soft for hours. When it's on HauteLook it costs $5 which is a steal in my book so I stocked up.
Crisp Cucumber Moisturizing Body Balm. I love the Vanilla Almond but decided to mix it up with a different scent so the Cucumber seemed like a good one to try.
Vanilla Almond Shower & Bath Gel. I love the smell of the body balm so it made sense to pick up the bath gel version of it too.
Solar Relief Gel. After my horrific sunburn experience from earlier this summer I spotted this solar relief gel and thought it would be a great addition in case that ever happened again. I've had great luck with how hydrating H20+ products are so this seems like a solid choice to try.
Pumice Foot Scrub. I'm always on the hunt for products that will help get my feet softer so I'm excited to see how this will work since having to pumice my heels every other day gets kind of old.
Spa Sea Lotus Skin Smoother. While on the subject of smooth skin, of course I had to pick up a body scrub too.
Night Oasis Overnight Moisture Lock. Overnight masks are my friend so OBVIOUSLY a hydrating one from this brand makes the list. It was a little pricier than the other products but I felt it had to be worth it. I love that it's a pretty blue gel too which is fun.
Aqualibrium Marine Toner. Toners, my favorite! I feel like this entire list was like I saw it and thought it would be fun so I bought it. Really no reason for this, but why not get another toner.
Aqualibrium Lip Mender. I'm always on the hunt for some good lip products so I wanted to see if this really was ultra hydrating like they claim.

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