Monday, August 3, 2015

July 2015 Favorites

I'm dying right now. All month long I had been keeping a running list in here as a draft for favorites and today when I clicked in to write it all up it was just gone. No explanations, no chance of recovery, I'm heartbroken. This explains the serious lack of pictures in this post but I decided to go ahead and link everything so if you're interested you can click to see the products. Don't worry nothing is a referral link or anything, I just googled the product and linked one of the top hits for it. I tried so hard to try and remember everything I had but I know I'm missing some things. Oh well you win some and lose some. So with some things lacking, here are some of my July favorites. I'm hoping to suddenly remember some and if I do I will add it to my August favorites!

  • L'Oreal Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I think there was like two occasions this month where I put on more than my usual amount of makeup and I randomly reached for this primer. I forgot what a fan I was of it especially when used with a beauty sponge. It fills in pores very nicely when gently sponged on and my foundation looked amazing on top!
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm. One of my favorite beauty balms ever, I rediscovered it this month and I just love how nice and natural it is.
  • Biolage Hydrasource Aloe Conditioner. Of course I'm falling in love with an expensive product because this conditioner is the It's sort of a hard almost waxy consistency so I almost didn't think I would like it but it makes my hair so silky soft for days. I'm so glad I went for this huge tub because I just knew in case I liked it I would want to have plenty with it!
  • Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Shampoo. Here's another one of those expensive products that I fell in love with. This is the first dry shampoo that I found really volumized my hair so for those days I want to leave my hair down instead of throwing it in a pony I love a generous spritz of this in the roots to really make my hair lusciously soft and big.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer. My savior for some really bad sunburns I experienced, spray and go lotion is GENIUS. It's not nearly as thick and hydrating as traditional lotion but it's enough to offer relief on tight, burned skin and takes away the need to rub it in which is hard to do when you're in pain.
  • COOLA® SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray. I never thought I would be such a fan of a product with SPF but this is on my list to purchase already! I got this as a sample in my Birchbox and it works great as a setting spray with just enough SPF to protect my face without making it greasy! It also smells pleasant and the sample size I got is perfect for on the go touch ups. I think I will buy the full size but keep this container to refill since it is so purse friendly.
  • Seche Restore. I've needed nail polish thinner for so long and it is seriously one of the greatest things ever. Basically it safely restores evaporated elements in nail polishes that cause them to become thick and it's like having brand new nail polish again! A few drops is all you need so a bottle of this stuff will last forever, and it's a good thing I had the foresight to buy two.

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