Monday, August 10, 2015

Nails of the Week #47: Tribal Print

I think I'm getting better at this, like I have better ideas and a better sense of what colors work together! This specific design was my attempt to replicate nail stamps which I am now very interested in. I see pictures of intricate designs that are supposedly done with stamps and now I am intrigued since this was not an easy feat to do!

This rose gold base is my handy Orly in Rage and I used the Color Club Art Duos in Black and White with the help of some stickers to make the tribal pattern. I love this rose gold because it is a perfectly even one coat metallic which is a miracle if you know anything about metallic nail polishes. I used stickers to create the chevron pattern and since I was working with such thin lines I just used the nail striper that was attached to the duos to fill it out. Then I used the pen tool to create the dot patterns. I'm a fan. I don't think I used the best top coat though since it started chipping off after two days which made me sad. Oh well.

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