Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sunburn Essentials

Guess what it is time for another summer related blog post!! I've just been all about this season this time around, and does anybody else feel like it's the longest season ever? Maybe because there such a clear start and finish to summer unlike the other seasons that sort of just blend together, but then again that might be because I live in California near the coast so that just automatically makes the seasons variety slim to none. Anyways, I digress. Last month I experienced the worst sunburn I have ever gotten and from that I've come up with a list of must have items to cope with it. It was bad, like very bad. The day after it my legs were on fire and the skin was so burned and tight I wasn't able to stand up for longer than a few seconds because it would hurt like my skin was ripping apart. It took a full week for that to go away and now I'm stuck with the weirdest tan lines ever and crazy peeling skin. So here are some things that helped me through that miserable period.

  • Milk. This sounds crazy but in my desperation for relief I did some googling and found that whole milk is both soothing and hydrating. The fact that milk is the suggested beverage to drink after spicy foods it made sense to me so I went ahead and soaked a wash cloth in some ice cold milk and placed that directly onto the burns. Wow this works! It calmed the irritation down and helped reduce the heat, so number one on my list is slapping some milk on those burns.
  • Aloe Vera Gel. For a little bit more of a long term fix since the milk method required constant refreshing of the cloth, the next thing to do is slather on the aloe vera gel. This goo squeezed out of the aloe plant (okay they do a little more than just that to extract it) is both healing and great for extracting the heat. Apply generously as needed.
  • Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion. Now if the aloe vera just isn't cutting it and for me it didn't always, my next recommendation is to go for the after sun lotion. These are generally a little more hydrating than aloe vera so it will help to soften that tightly stretched out skin a little more. This is my favorite after sun lotion but there are plenty out there that serve their purposes. These are formulated in a more gel like consistency and is often laced with aloe to continue soothing burns.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer. I seriously went all out with the moisturizing after this, I was trying to prevent a lot of peeling so every chance I got my skin was getting assaulted with lotions. Sometimes your sunburn is so painful it hurts when you accidentally brush up against them so rubbing in that lotion or aloe is just torture. Enter the genius invention of spray on lotion! In theory you are suppose to rub in the product lightly but if you are careful with applying it you can get away with just spraying on and leaving it be. This spray on lotion I found particularly soothing since it had aloe in it (see a theme in these products?) and it was a quick and easy way to soothe the skin as often as needed.
  • H20+ Vanilla Almond Body Balm. As your sunburn starts healing it is important to apply thick body lotions repeatedly, again to help speed up the healing process and return things to normal quicker. This is my personal favorite because it really is a thick balm that absorbs well and is long lasting.
What are some of your sunburn essentials?

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