Friday, August 28, 2015

Top 5 + Bottom 3 Nail Polish Brands

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Today I was suppose to be posting my Beauteque Mask Maven unboxing, however I'm pretty sure mine got lost in the mail. It's on my to-do list to contact customer service about this, I would really like my masks! But as I was sitting here wondering what to do instead my nail polish collection caught my eye, I mean it's kind of hard to miss, and I realized I've never really talked about my favorite brands before. I think it's pretty clear that I love Essie, that gets mentioned a lot but I thought it would be great to put out my top 5 and bottom 3 nail polish brands and talk about what I like and don't like about them. So without further ado, let's go!

1. Essie. This one isn't surprising at all, I'm a HUGE fan of Essie. I love the range of colors and finishes as well as the accessibility of getting new bottles. While the quality of the polish does varies, consistently I find that more Essie colors have the right amount of thickness and dry fairly quickly. During my Mani Monday days it was also one of the better performing nail polishes out of the bunch. Without a doubt Essie will be my go-to polish for years to come.
2. China Glaze. Slightly surprising is the fact that China Glaze makes the list. I had a horrible experience with one polish but I'm finding that they have some pretty unique shades and finishes that are also easy on the wallet. One of my favorite nail polishes, BFF, is a China Glaze polish and I have yet to find another polish that even comes close to that beauty.
3. Color Club. While as a whole I'm not crazy about their colors, every once in awhile there is that one special shade that just catches my eye. Overall there is good range which some pretty solid satin finishes as well as being really cheap. Besides Bed, Bath, and Beyond though I really haven't seen these in stores so if anyone knows where I can find them please comment down below! There are a few colors I've been eyeing online that I would love to check out in person.
4. Zoya. It's very hit or miss when it comes to Zoya but it still had to make the list because it is one of the most ethical companies out there. No animal testing, all vegan products, and I love that all the colors have the theme of girl's names. I must admit that there isn't much variety and some of the formulas are quite thin, but I'm a huge fan of what they stand for and where their products come from so it is still worth the shout out.
5. Sephora Formula X. These things are real expensive in my opinion but wow they are worth the money! These can be considered almost a generic brand but with such a fantastic range of finishes and colors, they are worth checking out. Pro tip: bottles sometimes end up at discount stores such as Marshall's deeply discounted, even their "out of season" colors are still amazing so I snatch them up whenever I see them.

Now that I've talked about the best, let's talk about the worst (in my opinion):

1. butter London. For a $12-14 nail polish I expect it to be amazing however the inconsistency of the formula is so ridiculous I just can't even. I have 9 different shades and I'm sad to report that less than half of them are up to my standard. Some are too thick to apply an even coat on, others are streaky, and some are just plain ugly once they make it onto the nails. No thanks, I will save my money for elsewhere.
2. Ciate. Here's another overpriced nail polish but even worse than butter I have yet to find a shade I like. On top of it being incredibly tricky formula to work with, I find that it chips and damages my nail like crazy. It flakes of while taking layers off my nail. The last time I used a Ciate polish it took over three months for my nails to return to normal, never again.
3. Julep. Probably the biggest rip off of all is Juelp. These bottles are tiny, the brushes are fat and hard to work with, and I find that the polish dries up very fast in the bottle. Overall just haven't had the best experience when it comes to this company.

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  1. I agree with you so much on these choices! I LOVE butter london's packaging- I feel like it looks so chic and hih end, but the formulas are just terrible. There are a few that I really love but none of them last very long on my nails and I dislike how varying the consistencies are. I also unsubscribed from Julep years ago because of how mediocre and over priced their polishes were- and like you mentioned, the bottles are SO SMALL!

    Some of the best polishes I've tried lately have been the Hard Candy line from Walmart (the ones in the classic cube-shaped bottles) and some Korean branded polishes- I'm all about staying power because I hate painting my nails due to it taking so long! Essie is definitely one of my favorites too- you can't beat the color selection!! :)