Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unboxing: Nature Box August 2015

I watch a million and one different vloggers and almost every single one of them has a partnership with Nature Box. I've heard about it a lot and finally I decided to see what the fuss is all about. There's a deal right now where your first box is free so I signed up for a five snack box and I think I might be keeping this for awhile because I am hooked! The have over 100 snacks and you can choose to either be surprised with each box or fill your pantry with snacks that they will select from to send you. I chose the snacks in my box this month and there are still about 20 other snacks I still want to try! One box of five snacks costs $19.95 plus shipping and you  can choose how often you receive a box. I opted to get it just once a month and I'm already thinking about changing that! Let's see what snacks I got.

Honey BBQ Crunch
"A little bit salty, a little bit sweet, and a whole lotta crunchy, one handful of our Honey BBQ Crunch represents the ultimate blend of flavors and textures. Honey roasted peanuts lend a perfectly sweet balance to the savory BBQ flavors in this crunchtastic blend of peanuts, pretzels and cashews."
I got this based off the picture and didn't realize that it was nut heavy. I really don't like peanuts so unfortunately this snack didn't go over great with me. I did love the taste of it so I ate all the cashews and pretzels.
Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels
"The popcorn’s popping and your favorite drinks are chilling in the fridge. All that’s left to do for movie night is snag these pretzels with the comforting flavors of cheddar-sprinkled sourdough and a dash of ale. So grab your coziest blanket, kick up your feet and dim the lights. Just be sure to turn off your phone and keep crunching to a minimum."
I love pretzels, I love sourdough, and I love cheddar. This is a winning snack in my book but at the same time isn't anything special so I most likely wouldn't get it again. I did appreciate the nice sharp taste of the cheddar though!
Santa Fe Corn Stix
"Go south of the border and snack on these tomato, green pepper and onion-flavored crisps."
I think there are my favorite snack in the box! Corn sticks with a little zing, I could easily eat the entire bag in one sitting. I just love the seasoning on this stuff and would love to put it on everything!

Mango Almond Bites
"That post-breakfast treat is a tough one to get just right. You’re ready for a little nourishment but not quite hungry enough for lunch. But one thing is certain: you’re looking for the perfect pair to that morning cup of coffee. Chewy mango and crispy rice come together in a sweetly satisfying snack. We dare you not to spoil your appetite for lunch."
I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting with these but I can say it was not this. These are puffed rice bars with almonds and a very strong mango flavor to it even though I don't exactly see the fruit. I'm not sure if I'm completely on board with these, it's very fruity and sweet, but I still like it, however it probably won't go back into my pantry.
Parmesan Garlic Pop Pops
"Our favorite popped snack is given extra oomph with real Parmesan cheese, garlic, onion, and a pinch of sea salt. The result? A half-popped crunch that's completely unique to NatureBox. Wholesomely savory, these super crunchy corn kernels are sure to become your go-to movie night treat."
This was the first bag I ripped open and I'm hooked. These are basically the popcorn kernels seasoned with Parmesan and garlic to make one delightfully satisfying snack. I had to stop myself from inhaling the entire bag but this definitely went straight back into my pantry for next time!

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