Thursday, August 13, 2015

Unboxing: Petbox Fetch Lovers Box

Once upon a time I used to subscribed to Petbox for my pooch but then it got to the point where she had too many treats (yes that is possible) so I paused the subscription. Overtime I went back to reactivate it and realized they overhauled their whole system and for awhile stopped subscription boxes because they were moving warehouses. Then to top it off I found out they removed her favorite water buffalo ears from their store, and then it became pointless to resubscribe. Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I got an email about some new limited edition boxes and I decided to pick up both. Now I have four different dogs to share the love with so even though my dog isn't a toy loving creature, I have three other dogs who would love to play.

First of all shipping was ridiculously slow. I ordered two different ones and at this point only one has arrived. I'm going to go ahead and just unbox this one first and then follow up with the other box at a later date. The one I have today is the Fetch Lovers box which is promised to be packed full of goodies to make playtime awesome. I knew it was suppose to be heavy on the toys but it still promised one bag of treats that I knew my little Peki could enjoy. Here's what I got and my thoughts on it.

Spot Rainbow Twister Rope Dog Toy
This isn't the most exciting toy but I do like that it is a floating toy so this will be a great one to bring to the lake. The strap is useful making it easier to throw but at the same time it doesn't feel so durable so I think after a few play sessions this will be done with.
Ballboy Replay Pet Tennis Balls
Three regular tennis balls. Really now this counts as a toy? Worst part is the netting it was suppose to be packaged in was broken so I just had three tennis balls rolling around loose in the box.
Ballboy Flingball
A tennis ball attached to a strap for easy flinging. This box isn't impressing me so far with all of these tennis ball based toys.
Spot Beyond Tough Durable Dog Toy
Probably my favorite thing in the box because it is not a tennis ball and it does look very sturdy. I know a pair of dogs who will love playing with this thing especially for the crackling noise that it makes when you squeeze on it.
Merrick Power Bites Real Pork Recipe
These have been claimed by my little Peki. She's a fan of soft and chewy treats and these are the perfect bite size for her. This bag of treat is one of the only wins in my book for this sad, sad box.

So here are my outstanding issues with this box. There's the obvious one where the tennis balls came with broken packaging and then the fact that basically all the toys were tennis balls. There were also only two brands that the toys are from and I would say this is a far cry from being called "packed". I mean I'm still going to make some dogs very happy with these toys but I'm disappointed that I spent $20 on this box. Jury is still out for the treat box but after seeing what came in this I'm not holding my breath for anything amazing.

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