Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unboxing: Petbox Mega Treats Box

After some more post office mishaps this Petbox finally made its way to my door. This is the one that I knew would be a winner with my dog because while she isn't a toy playing creature, she has yet to meet a treat she doesn't like. This box promised to be packed full of treats for your pooch and this one definitely delivered for me! In total it came with five different treats plus a toy. There still was a lack in variety but if I remember correctly they did have some issues with suppliers so that can explain why most everything came from the same company. Anyways, let's take a look at what came in this box, a few of them I can also give the Cookie stamp of approval!

Merrick Power Bites Real Pork Recipe
First up is this repeat item. It came in the Fetch Lovers Petbox too but good thing my dog is a huge fan. She loves soft, chewy treats and these are tiny little star shapes that are the perfect sized snack for a Pekingese! She will definitely go through these quickly and this is a win in my book.
Merrick Jerky Chip Treats, Real Lamb + Potato Recipe
I love dog treats that mimic human treats, and in this case they look like chocolate chip cookies! These are made with lamb and potato but they actually have more of a cookie scent to them. These are also a hit in the household as well as with another doggy friend that we shared with.
Merrick Wingalings Hickory Smoke Flavor
These are fun chicken wing and drumstick shaped treats, and I got the hickory smoke flavor. Made with real chicken, vegetables, and seasoning, I'm actually not sure if my dog will like these. I'm going to wait a little to open this bag up since I don't want too many open bags of treats for her but I know if she doesn't like them there's a pair of dogs that will!
Merrick Real Cuts Beef Jerky Strips
The fourth and final Merrick brand treats. Not much variety but of the ones we've tried my dog has been a fan so I guess I'm not really complaining. I like that these strips are 100% US made so I feel comfortable giving them to Cookie. She actually love beef jerky strips and these are must smaller and softer than the ones I currently have so I can see this being a hit.
Pawtriotic Peanut Butter Dog Bone Treat
A large peanut butter bone, this will be a treat for her if I ever have to leave her alone for a full day. This will definitely keep her busy and is a good size for her.
Spot Dura-Brite Dog Toy
This is one of those rubber toys that you slip treats or peanut butter into. Not only is this too large for Cookie but she also has no interest in these toys. A few dogs come to mind so this will definitely find a good home. Otherwise it seems well made, strong with the spikes of various sizes on the surface to make it a more texturally interesting toy.

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