Thursday, August 27, 2015

What's on my Nightstand?!

Who doesn't love a sneaky peek into people's personal collections?? I mean that's why we are all blogging here right. Tonight you are privy to a tour of my nightstand the contains all my essentials for morning and night! I know what you're thinking based on the picture above, it is cluttered, but it works for me and we've only had one casualty so far (RIP laptop charger) so we're doing good! Sorry for the disorganized way of listing things but I think it's pretty clear in the picture what everything is so I'll just go ahead and list everything I like to keep on my nightstand!

  • Vaseline Spray Moisturizer. First up is lotion. This is an essential and is a constant rotation of what I actually have. Currently this spray on lotion is my favorite. I received it in a FabFitFun box and I just love how easy it is to spray on lightly rub in. A lot of people dislike these spray lotions but I find that while it isn't the most moisturizing lotion I've used, it does the trick. My favorite lotion ever is the H20+ Body Balm and I have quite a collection of that once I finish up some other lotions in my stash!
  • eos Honeydew Honeysuckle Lip Balm. I've come to the conclusion that I'm allergic to certain lip balms and while I'm still working on finding time to take an allergy test, I've just started avoiding the balms that trigger that reaction and so far this is the best replacement I've found for me! I've never really liked eos lip balms before until it became one of the only things I could use without giving me itchy and severely cracked lips but this flavor is pretty spectacular and ultra moisturizing so it's something I can work with!
  • Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers. Mini tweezers because you just never know when it will be handy. Whether it is used to rip off some plastic wrapping or to yank out an ingrown hair, I've just always have had a pair on my nightstand and it's not something I will change now. Tweezerman really is the best brand of tweezers out there and they come in adorable patterns. I have this pair in the rainbow stripes, another mini that is lavender with white polka dots, and then a full size leopard print ones. I kind of like just collecting them for the patterns and conveniently leaving a pair everywhere.
  • Enesti Apple & Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream. Another item that has a constant rotation through but this tube has stuck with me for awhile now since I've been really bad about hand cream lately. This is some good stuff though, it smells real nice and leaves my hands silky soft without feeling greasy.
  • Skin Food Green Tea Food Mist. Sort of a weird thing to put on my nightstand but whenever I remember to I like to spray it on at night (let it work some overnight magic) and mornings to help combat that foot funk!
  • Laptop. This barely fits but before I swapped out my nightstands it fit perfectly so I'm just working with what I got. My laptop is always on my nightstand, it's horrible since at work I spend all day on the computer and then I go home just to do the same thing, but that's life when you work in tech and you're also a full time blogger!
  • Lamp. Pretty straight forward, it's a lamp from Ikea that serves as a good reading light and so I can turn off my overhead lights at night but still have a little light until I fall asleep. I do love the square metal base, perfect place to stack some products and items!
  • Daily essentials caddy. This I think warrants a separate post but it is just a little wooden box tray that contains an assortment of essentials ranging from my go-to makeup to random bits like bobby pins and brush cleanser. Comment below if you would like a separate post about all of this.

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