Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall 2015 TV Shows

Here we are in fall and finally time for the fall TV show lineups! I really have a unhealthy obsession with too many TV shows but I just love following series as my me time. I like having things playing in the background whenever I'm doing things so it makes sense to be invested in so many shows. Fall is the best time for TV shows in my opinion, at least I have a whole bunch of shows that I watch. This fall/late summer there were also a bunch of shows that premiered that I'm interested in watching so I'll talk about those first before diving into the longer list of continuing shows.

Fear The Walking Dead. AMC is really into the prequels for their hit TV shows lately. First with Better Call Saul, and now for a Walking Dead prequel. This show follows characters in LA when the outbreak first started. It's interesting and will provide some insight into how the world turned into what it's now in The Walking Dead. I have one complaint which is that the show is a little slow. I experienced this with Better Call Saul too because it's obvious that they are banking on die-hard fans being the main audience so they are more focused on nurturing a plot rather than providing the exciting hook. Obviously I will keep watching it, the first season is short just 6 episodes so it should actually be over in about two weeks so you know something exciting is coming.
Minority Report. An interesting concept to take this movie and turn it into a TV show. This is about life the precogs were released from government use. There's been two episodes so far and I'm on the fence. The chemistry between the two main characters is lacking and slightly dry, we'll see how this goes and see if it can survive the infamous ax of FOX.
Scream Queens. I am so thrilled for this show! When the first commercials came out it struck me how similar Emma Robert's character was to the one she played on American Horror Story: Coven and once I found it was by the same producers I knew that I wrote this show for her. A little gory and very sassy, I'm instantly hooked and can't wait to see where this goes.
Heroes Reborn. I wasn't able to rewatch the original Heroes like I planned but after the premiere I need to! They casually name drop people who I don't remember but you're suppose to. The what's coming up this season scenes showed Matt and Hiro making reappearances which I'm incredibly excited about. The show like the original, is confusing and broken up, but that's what made the first season of Heroes so great. I can't wait for the story lines to all converge and start making sense but for now I'm glued to the TV every Thursday night.
Quantico. This show just air this week but I haven't gotten a chance to watch the first episode yet. FBI trainees with a terrorist among them. It has promise, so we'll see what I think after I watch it!

Young & Hungry. One of those half hour comedies that are quick and easy to keep up with. It's strange to see Emily Osment in a more adult role but it's lighthearted and fun mix of food and tech in San Francisco so it's something I can appreciate.
Modern Family. Love love love this show! I wish I had a family like this because it just seems amazing!
The League. I love football, I hate fantasy football, but what brings it all together is the return of The League. It's one of those TV shows that everyone really should watch but not a lot of people know about it since it's on FX. It's hilarious and filmed with current football news in mind each week so they crack very relevant jokes. It's also fun to see which players they are able to get to guest star each week so that's a fun element to the show.
Grey's Anatomy. Rhonda you kill everyone yet I can't stop watching. I love this how, but I think it's high time for it to end already. Nevertheless I will be a faithful watcher until the very end.
Scandal. I really don't like this show, everything from the characters, to the acting style to even the stories sometimes but I just can't stop watching.
How To Get Away With Murder. The second season and the first episode started out slow however in true Rhonda fashion it dropped a bomb on you in the last few minutes. The show flashed forward two months and now I can't wait to find out how that came to be in the finale.
Once Upon A Time. Last time in Storybrook Emma turned evil! Another show that needs to end but I will keep watching it to the end since I just love the concept of fairy tales in the real world.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Another one of those quick and easy comedies but this one is hilarious. Funny how it took me a long time to get into because the first episode just didn't convince me. I'm glad I got into it though because the sarcastic humor is just my cup of tea.
American Horror Story. The theme for this year is hotel! I saw a commercial for it and it looks fantastically creepy. Tower of Terror and The Shining are some of my favorite horror stories so I expect to be delighted by this concept.
The Walking Dead. MORGAN IS BACK! I repeat, MORGAN IS BACK! Yes the man from the series premiere that Rick met has somehow ended up with the group. I can't wait to watch how that will unfold.
MasterChef Junior. Gordon Ramsey shows are my favorite but there really is something heartwarming about watching 7 year olds kick my butt in the kitchen. Their teamwork and compassion could teach us all a lesson about the true meaning of competition and growth but that's just an added bonus to it all.

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