Friday, September 4, 2015

Fitness Friday!

Here's a big shocker, but Tone It Up August = fail. I was going really strong for awhile but then I missed a few days and just completely fell off the wagon. With me if I start missing days I kind of just give up and combined with it just getting completely insane at work it just did not help out. I did try and stay active and many days where I failed to do my workout I did make it a point to hit my 5k per day steps and actually got over 10k steps on multiple days.

While ultimately it was still a fail, I was actually a huge fan of setting my old schedule and doing the YouTube work out videos so I wanted to try it out again for September. In order to help myself succeed I'm putting in more "Rest" days. I think the goal at this point is to create a monthly challenge for myself that I can actually complete so it will be better to underestimate my abilities just to get that little boost. This month I'm going with Blogilates and doing shorter work out videos to really gear myself up for success! Here is the schedule I'm (attempting) to stick with if anyone would like to follow along.

Tuesday, September 1st REST
Wednesday, September 2nd Arms
Thursday, September 3rd Abs
Friday, September 4th Cardio
Saturday, September 5th Abs
Sunday, September 6th Abs
Monday, September 7th Booty
Tuesday, September 8th REST
Wednesday, September 9th Thighs
Thursday, September 10th Cardio
Friday, September 11th Arms
Saturday, September 12th Booty
Sunday, September 13th REST
Monday, September 14th Thighs
Tuesday, September 15th REST
Wednesday, September 16th Abs
Thursday, September 17th Cardio
Friday, September 18th Thighs
Saturday, September 19th REST
Sunday, September 20th Booty
Monday, September 21st Arms
Tuesday, September 22nd Abs
Wednesday, September 23rd Thighs
Thursday, September 24th REST
Friday, September 25th Thighs
Saturday, September 26th REST
Sunday, September 27th REST
Monday, September 28th Abs
Tuesday, September 29th Arms
Wednesday, September 30th Cardio

Where I failed on the fitness front I think I really got a handle on the nutrition side of things. I've gotten used to eating smaller portions in my meals and looking for more balanced options. I've stayed on track with my water drinking and have been cutting out more sugary drinks from my daily diet. This month I want to work on eating more lean meat, I have such a weakness for fatty red meat so I need to work on more chicken and less beef! I'm also determined to go for the salad option at least once a week. My biggest problems with salads is that they aren't filling for me so days where I choose the salad for lunch I end up snacking like crazy since I'm starving. I think I need to work on possibly adding more protein to help fill me up on a salad, or perhaps a side of soup. I'll figure something out.

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