Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Good Bye Summer

Today is the last day of summer and while it would be more appropriate to talk about all the things I will miss from this season, I actually say good riddance. It's hard to tell by the amount of summer posts I've had this year but it's actually one of my least favorite seasons. I think the worst is spring, that one thoroughly confuses me and allergies leave me borderline bedridden. I digress, if you remind me I can do a spring rant during that season, that would be more fitting. Anyways, instead I thought it would be better to talk about all the things I'm looking forward to now that it will be fall! This is hands down my favorite season of the year and this list only just scrapes the surface of it all.
  • Boots and cozy sweaters. Number one best thing is the weather! It's finally getting crisp enough to break out the comfy and cozy clothes. Don't get me wrong I love sundresses, shorts, and maxis but those skimpier outfits always needs to come with some body shaping undergarments. I love in the fall how I can throw on a chunky, soft sweater and some cute boots and I will be perfectly weather appropriate, comfortable, and stylish all at once. I never feel like I need to try with fall fashion, it's just something that comes naturally. This could also be because I'm a fall baby, so it's just all natural born instincts here.
  • Crunchy leaves. The childish joy of crunchy leaves will never leave. Besides stepping on leaves, fall really is the time where the world is alight with colors. The beautiful shades of leaves contrasting a blue sky as well as the remains of the summer bloom, it's just a lovely time to be alive.
  • Teas. I've been enjoying these brisk mornings lately and indulging in a cup of a tea but I can't wait until it's cool enough all day to have tea throughout the day. I have quite a tea collection but this stuff calls for the colder months to be able to enjoy thoroughly. I've already started restocking my tea pouch that I like to keep in my purse so at all times I can be ready for a cup!
  • Warm mist humidifiers. I love sleeping with a humidifier running at night and while I do have a cool mist one, nothing beats a warm mist to really plump up skin and clear the nasal passage. A few drops of essential oils too makes it very calming and really helps me sleep better at night, so with the dropping temperatures I'll be happy to welcome the humidifier back into my life.
  • Slightly less oily skin. Hot temperatures = extra oily skin, so I'm looking forward to the dryer months that will bring the oil back into check. My skin really suffered this summer with the oil content which I guess is an improvement since last year it seriously freaked out on my and went back into the dark ages of pimple central.
  • Dark lipsticks and nail polishes. Fall colors for makeup trends is amazing. I'm not into summer makeup because if I'm going to do it, it's going to be dark and dramatic or nothing at all. I love dark nail polishes and lipsticks so I'm hoping I will be inspired to get done up a little bit more.
  • Fall TV shows. While it can be overwhelming, I think a total of about 15-20 TV series all start up for me in the fall. All this week actually. I'm so excited to dive back into these story lines as well as start a few new shows. Look for my Fall TV Show post coming soon!
  • Thanksgiving. Favorite holiday ever. Best foods and quality time with the family, what more could I really ask for?
  • No more awkward tan lines. No more fear of awkward tan lines and having to be conscious of this whenever I leave the house. Same goes for making it easier to do peels for my face since there is less sun time to interfere with that. I'm still suffering from my horrible mishap over the summer with the half tanned legs and I'm grateful for the return of pants wearing to let that fade away and start from scratch next year.
  • Warm meals and savory stews. I'm a warm foods person so again, everything goes back to weather here, I love the return of colder weather to make it more comfortable to eat these things. Also soups and stews, I could live off them and during fall, perfectly okay thing to do!
  • Dark and colds nights. I have horrible sleep problems, it needs to be cold and dark for me to stay asleep. That being said, this season brings just that for me and I always find myself return to a better sleep schedule this way.
  • Hibernating birds. Do I sound like a Grinch, but birds squawking and crowing and whatever else they do throughout the night or early in the morning drives me crazy. During summer I have to sleep with the window open to coax in those nonexistent breezes, so when stuff like that is going on it just keeps me awake. Enter the last months of the years and the birds all seem to disappear, and I like it.
  • Rain? Not holding my breath too much here in California, since I live up north and not south, but here's to hoping that fall will bring rain. On a grander scale we need it, but at a more personal level I just love listening to the sound of rain and the neat little droplets they form on windshields.

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